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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bec's Graduation - Class of 2016

The day finally came.  Becca graduated from High School last Thursday.  Graduation day was a wet one...rain, monsoons, flooding, tears.  It was all there!  We thought the ceremony was going to be moved into the school, but regardless of all the complaining about the rain, I'm glad it ended up outside in the wet stadium.  We all got to attend, and in true Santiago fashion, we all yelled, hooted & hollered just so she'd know we were there! :-)

Thank you to all of my family who went the extra mile this past week to support us in such an important life milestone!  We appreciate it more than you'll ever realize!

Bec will be leaving in a couple months for the Navy & it's all going to change in ways I'm not sure we're all prepared for.  I know she'll excel in what she puts her mind to, so I know she'll do great!

My sister Valerie surprised us with this amazing video montage & we all cried the ugly tears of happiness, sadness & joy.  We wish away days, hoping these kids will grow out of "this stage" or "that phase" but watching this video showed me just how fast these past 18 years flew by.

Here's the video & a few pictures from graduation day & party day.

Movie Maker: Bec - Slideshow


Welcome to graduation!

Cattle call!
Yes...we had to use umbrellas even under cover!

The skies cleared, the chairs were dried & the kids finally got to come out

Finally getting to walk in!

600+ students ready to graduate

Hooray, they did it!

Proud little sister!

Oh no!  Izzy's next! (good thing we have 9 more years to prepare!)


Memaw with her first great grandchild! 
(as a side note, my Pepaw didn't get to see any of his grandchildren
graudate.  The fact that Memaw has gotten to see all of us graduate, 
& now even a GREATgrandchild graduate, means the world to me!)

reenacting a time when Bec was smaller than us!
 4 generations

Bec with her Graduation bear she got at her Kinder graduation

Thursday, May 12, 2016

DIY Cheer Team Gift (+ Free Printable)

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GIVEEXTRAGETEXTRA #Walmart #CollectiveBias

Most of yall know we went to Disney World with my daughter's cheer team a few weeks ago.  It was an amazing trip that I've still yet to post about BUT we'll get to that on a different day! :-)  Before we left, we wanted to get all the girls on her team a little "safe travels/time passer" gift...and what's better than GUM!
DIY Cheer Team Gift Plus Free Printable

We spotted the Extra® Gum Spearmint & Extra® Gum Polar Ice® 35-stick packs in the check out line at Walmart.  Did you hear that?  35 sticks!  These new Extra® 35-stick packs have SO much gum in it!  There's over 2 packs in these new packs & the first time my husband saw it, he was like WHAT?!?!  Now THAT's a pack of gum!
Extra® Gum Spearmint & Extra® Gum Polar Ice® 35-stick packs at Walmart. #GiveExtraGetExtra

I grabbed not 1, not 5, but 14 packs!  Each girl needed their own pack, right?!?!  One of the best features in these new 35-stick packs is the durable, recycled packaging.  Hard plastic case with a flip top lid!....This was gonna be perfect for the girls (or parents) to just throw in their Disney Park bags & head out!

I made a printable to attach to each gum gift, showing all the different reasons they NEED this gum!  I chose these sayings because I thought it would be specific to our trip to Disney, but I think this applies to just about everyone on any given day. :-) 
Minnie Mouse blowing a bubble free printable to add to a DIY gum gift

I gathered all my supplies & got to work!  I cut the printables to size, rounded the corners & punched a hole in the white space of each card.
DIY gift of new Extra® 35-stick pack at Walmart. Free Printable.#GiveExtraGetExtra

DIY gift of new Extra® 35-stick pack at Walmart. Free Printable.#GiveExtraGetExtra

Our school store sells these cute little tags called Spirit Sticks.  They happened to have an overabundance of CHEER Spirit Sticks, so I bought those, wrapped each pack of gum with rainbow yarn and added on the spirit stick & printable.
DIY gift of new Extra® 35-stick pack at Walmart. Free Printable. #GiveExtraGetExtra

DIY gift of new Extra® 35-stick pack at Walmart. Free Printable. #GiveExtraGetExtra

Putting the gifts together took no time at all!  Just wrap the gum in ribbon or yarn just like you would a gift box, add whatever you want & it's done!

Izzy handed out the gifts to all the girls at their last practice before Disney & they LOVED them!  It's always important for us to remember it's better to give than to receive & we are loving Extra's® theme of "Give Extra, Get Extra."

How do you Give Extra, Get Extra?  We love our cheer family & can't wait to share the love this new season.  Check out these other great ideas here with the new Extra® 35-stick packs.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Easy DIY Disney Autograph Book

With Disney World just within our reach, we took some time this past weekend to make our autograph books.

I wanted to make these books fairly simply, using what we had on hand.  The only thing I had to buy was the actual book, which I found at Hobby Lobby for just under $4.  It was a drawing book with semi-thick paper, which was a necessity.  Basically, it just needs to be thick enough to withstand lots of handling & for the Sharpie markers to not bleed through to the next page.
Easy DIY Disney Autograph book

I pulled out my stock of letter stickers & the Disney scrapbook paper I used on our Monorail Countdown Calendar.  The girls each picked out their own paper & chose how they wanted their books to be designed.
Easy DIY Disney Autograph books

Maggie chose a Minnie Mouse cover & wanted her name across the bottom.  Izzy chose a Mickey head with rainbow stickers for her name.  I cut the paper to size, added Mod Podge directly to the cover of the drawing book & placed the paper down, gluing it in place.  There was already this cute "M" circle in the scrapbook pack, so we cut that out, Mod Podged it onto the paper & were able to use it on Maggie's name.
Easy DIY Disney Autograph books; Mod Podge front & back covers

Once the stickers are in place & the covers are just how you want them, paint the Mod Podge all over the entire cover to seal it all in. (Don't freak out!  This will actually work!) :-)
Easy DIY Disney Autograph books; Mod Podge front & back covers

Easy DIY Disney Autograph books; Mod Podge front & back covers

The Mod Podge dries in no time flat!  I left it alone for 15 minutes or so, it was dry & then we repeated the process to decorate the back sides.

Easy DIY Disney Autograph books

Easy DIY Disney Autograph books

The girls are so happy with their Disney autograph books!  They were super simple to make, handmade with their own little hands (with some help from me) :-) & personalized just for them!

We can hardly wait to fill these babies up!  Do you make your own autograph books or buy in the park?

Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter Weekend Festivities 2016

I hope everyone's Easter holiday was as great as ours was.  Lots of food & lots of time with family always ends in a great time! :-)

On Thursday, Maggie had an egg hunt at school .  Each egg is marked 1 thru 12 & the kids have to collect all 12 eggs in number order.  :-)  Learning AND time consuming! :-)

Friday, we had our annual Good Friday crawfish boil.  Bo got up bright & early and was standing in line at 5:30am at HEB to get our bugs.  And yes, you heard me right... he was STANDING IN A LINE at 5:30am!

Now, don't go calling PETA on us because we like to play with our live crawfish!  No crawfish were harmed during this photo shoot...until they were plunged into boiling water for our eating pleasure!

Is this thing for real?

Dinner is served!!!!!!!

Good Friday was also my dad's birthday, so we celebrated him as well!

Saturday, we dyed Easter eggs at my dad's house.

Need eggs?!?!

Easter Sunday the girls woke up bright & early to see what the Easter Bunny brought them.  The Easter bunny filled up those giant eggs with lots of goodies for the girls! :-)

Sweet girls ready for church

After church, the kids did their Easter egg hunt at The Watson's & then had an amazing brunch!

 The kids checking out their loot

Around lunch time, we went to my mom's house for part 2 of Easter.  Lots more delicious food & fun family time! :-)

Is she tall or are we short?!?!  OK, maybe it's the heels. ;-)

I hope you enjoyed seeing our Easter weekend festivities.  I warned yall before that I love lots of pictures to tell my stories. :-)