Native Texan Livin': Izzy's 1st t-ball game

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Izzy's 1st t-ball game

Izzy's first t-ball game was bright & early Saturday morning at 9am.  She has 3 friends on her team so it made it easier for her to want to go out & play.  One parent has to be w/ their kid when they're on the field to encourage them to run after the ball.  Ends up being a really packed infield!  Izzy would run to the ball (never got it though) but didn't really fight for it.  This is her 2nd season to play.

Mom & Izzy on the field

Izzy in the dugout waiting for her turn to bat

Izzy, Addison & Brinley

Izzy up to bat.  Walking w/ purpose!  Swing that ponytail!

She connects!  :-)

Waiting to run home

Halle, Addison & Izzy

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