Native Texan Livin': Papi's 60th birthday party: Day 1

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Papi's 60th birthday party: Day 1

Warning: This post will contain pictures of a dead pig carcass.  Not the kind you find on the side of the road but a fresh dead one you get from a butcher.  If that bothers you, don't continue to the pictures.  You've officially been warned.  :-)

Thursday, 3/24/11
My dad is turning 60 on Friday, 3/25 so we're having a traditional Puerto Rican bash for him Saturday night & we're roasting a pig!  3 of his siblings flew in from Connecticut & Pennsylvania to surprise him. 

Julie, Eddie, Tia Cuca & Tio Jaime drove to Brookshire to J&J Meat Packing to pick up the pig.  Later that night my family came over to prepare the pig.  Cuca & Lydia prepared the dry rub  & garlic marinade.  They mashed up 11 whole heads of garlic w/ recao...basically a Puerto Rican cilantro but much more flavorful.  You can imagine how delicious my house smelled!

Outside, my dad prepared the pig.  You know it's gonna be a fun meal when the utensils you use to prep are a hammer & a meat cleaver!

They took all the wet & dry mixes & slathered it all over the pig, inside & out.

Bella & Izzy watched and luckily didn't get freaked out!

Even Fancyboy watched...Hope he didn't think he was next!  ;-)

 Izzy showing off the pig, like it's something she sees everyday.

Final rub down.  After this, they wrapped it up in a plastic bag & put back in fridge to stay until Saturday.

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