Native Texan Livin': Papi's 60th birthday party: Day 3

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Papi's 60th birthday party: Day 3

Saturday, 3/26/11


We started the day off with Izzy's t-ball game & then came home to start the fire on the pig pit.  My dad showed up w/ Jaime to wire the pig on the spit & they loaded it onto the fire.

My neighbor made my dad a "steering wheel" for the spit since they never made an automatic turner.  My dad attached the wheel & took it for a spin.

My dad knew we were cooking a pig for his birthday but wasn't expecting all the people that came because it was a Surprise Party.  He was excited to see all his friends show up...former co-workers, friends & family from Harwood & church group friends.  It was neat to see his reaction as all these random people started showing up.  He was confused as to why these people were walking up to him & then would realize that we invited them.

Let the party begin.......

Even Rebecca took her turn working the spit.

My dad & his sisters and brother posing w/ the pig.

Having fun at the party......

Time to eat!  Besides the pig, we also made fajitas for the folks that were too freaked out the eat the pig.  We also had traditional Puerto Rican food like arroz con gandules & escabeche de guineos. 

Valerie & I made 2 domino cakes because my dad LOVES playing dominoes.  Connie made the cupcakes w/ the Puerto Rican flag & others w/ banana chips on them.  The middle row of cupcakes spells out "Frankie" in fondant.  We put 60 candles on the 2 cakes!  It was too windy on the patio so we had everyone come to the garage to see him blow out the candles.

At the end of the night, the kids played, one group was playing poker & another group played dominoes.

All in all, everyone had a blast & my dad was truly surprised to see everyone. 

Happy Birthday Daddy!

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