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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What the #$%^!!!

So.....Bo & I were woken up Sunday night/Monday morning at 2:30am to someone FRANTICALLY ringing our doorbell.  We didn't recognize the truck in the driveway so Bo asked who was at the door without opening it.  The woman said thru the door, "Your fence is on fire in the backyard!" 

Bo & I ran to the back window and sure enough, our fence was on fire.

Bo was able to put the flames out pretty fast.  Turns out the ashes from the pig cooker that were cool Sunday morning when Bo dumped them back there, ended up relighting after the long hot day & windy evening.  That's what we assume happened anyway.

Bo & our neighbor fixed the fence by lunch time.  I'm so thankful for the couple that drove by that night.  No telling how bad it couldn't gotten by the time we woke up!

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