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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mr. Fancypants


fan·cy   \ˈfan(t)-sē\

loyal friend, son, brother, lover to all, loved by all, known to drool A LOT

It's with a heavy heart that I write this post.  After 6 1/2 years, we lost our beloved Mr. Fancypants on Easter morning. 

We did a lot of research of what kind of pet we wanted after Bo & I got married.  Bo had always wanted a bullmastiff & we found a breeder in Bastrop.  We met Fancy's parents to check out the breed & we decided that breed was the best choice for us.  Once Fancy's mom had puppies on 9/24/04, we got to meet them all & pick which one would be ours.  They were all so cute but Rebecca had the final pick & she picked the "green" w/ the green collar. 

Since Bo got to pick the breed, Bec & I got to name him.  Bo suggested "Banshee" because he was gonna be a wild banshee but we're girls, so...his official AKC registered name is Mr. Banshee Fancypants, but most everyone called him Fancy or Fancy Boy.

We picked him up the week of Thanksgiving on a day trip up & back from Bastrop.  He whimpered a little but mostly slept the whole way home in my arms.  He loved his new house where he could run, jump & play...but not get on furniture.  We knew if we let him up once then we would regret it since we knew how big he was gonna get.
8 wks old

It seemed like Fancy grew by the minute!  I think his top weight was about 130lbs which is actually a little light for his breed.  Where he used to fit under the lowest rung of the barstool, he was soon eye level with the seat of the barstool!  
6 months old

Fancy got to go on a ski trip with us to Steamboat & even had to evacuate for hurricanes a couple of times.  
6 months old
He was always such a good sport...letting us decorate him for different occasions.
3 months old

New Year's Eve ~ 1 yr 3 mo
Poor baby even had to have surgery to have a lump removed from his head. 
1 yr 11 mo
He was such a good dog & very obedient.  If you were outside, Fancy was with you.  He had a quiet presence about him...always sitting back, scoping out the scene.  Mostly, he'd chew on his rawhide toy & make his rounds to whoever was outside to see who wanted to give him some loving.  He even did a couple tricks..."Speak" got him to bark & "Shake" got him to shake your hand.  Very talented pup he was. :-) And of course he was always rewarded for doing tricks. 

The girls absolutely adored him!  Rebecca was always trying to make him "speak" for cookies or take him for a walk, Izzy wanted to ride him & Maggie just wanted to grab him.  Fancy was Bo's son, his buddy.  They spent every minute together when they were outside...which was a lot!  I can't even begin to put into words just how much Bo loved Fancy.
1 yr 7 mo

Bec (13 yrs) and Fancy (6 yrs)

Izzy (8 months) and Fancy (2 1/2 years)
Izzy (1 yr 7 mo) and Fancy (4 years)
Izzy (4 yrs) and Fancy (6 yrs)

Maggie (5 months) and Fancy (6 years)

Fancy had a great last weekend surrounded by lots of family & friends.  We spent a lot of time outside with him this weekend, so I hope that made him happy.  6 1/2 years isn't a long time to have with someone but it was a GREAT 6 1/2 years!  Fancy's presence is severly missed & we hope he enjoyed his time with us as much as we did with him. 

We miss you Fancy Boy! 

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