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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

As the school year comes to a close, it always seems everything goes into fast forward mode...even if it's not school related!

Last Tuesday, Rebecca had an Athletics Banquet for all the girls who participated in sports this year.  Bec did Cross Country.  The banquet started at 7pm & we didn't get out until 10pm!  It was the 1st year they did this banquet so maybe next year they'll think about starting it a little earlier.
Bec w/ her certificate

Friday night we had 2 - 1 year old birthday parties to go to.  Merritt (Brookes' son) and Evan (Lacy's son) were both born on the same day & both happened to plan their party for Friday night!  Their party times actually worked out perfectly because Merritt's party was from 5pm-6pm at the park & Evan's was at 6pm at their house.  Here's the 1 pic I took all night...
Bridgette 11m, Maggie 10m, Merritt 1 yr.
Saturday afternoon I took Bec & Izzy to see Mamma Mia! in Houston.  We LOVE the movie so we got the girls & me tickets to the Broadway show for Christmas.  First, we ate at The Hard Rock Cafe which was fine...good food, way overrated!  We walked back to the Hobby Center for our show where we spent too much on souvenirs.  I expected nothing less though taking those 2 to...anything.  :-)  The show was great & the girls had a blast.  Our seats were all the way at the top.  Actually, we weren't technically at the very top since the "accessible" row was behind us!  All the ushers pulled up chairs behind us to watch the show.  There went my plan to bust out my giant bag of candy I brought for the girls, right???  No.....we snuck it out anyway!
Me & the girls before the show

Sitting in the theater

Posing at intermission
Saturday night was Muffy's 30th birthday party.  She had a "white hot" party, where everyone was to wear all white.  (Not a great fashion idea for me but I did it anyway.)  It was a great party with all of Bo's siblings, parents & Muffy's friends at Bo's parent's house.   
Lauren & Bo before party
Now that THAT weekend's over, this upcoming week is gonna be just as busy!  End of t-ball, ballet rehearsal & recital.  To be continued...

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