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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Maggie ~ 10 months old

Maggie, caught after hiding behind the curtain
We had 2 big milestones this month & they both happened this weekend when Maggie turned 10 months old. 
#1:  The tippy tippy tip of her bottom right tooth finally popped out!  I feel so bad for her because it just looks so painful.  It's gonna be funny to see Maggie with a mouth full of teeth.  Even more so when she finally gets some hair!  ;-)  
#2:  Maggie's talking!  Mamamama (mommy), Dadadada (daddy), baba while waving (bye bye).

We think she's been talking for a little while now but it was never as constant & happen at the right time as it was this weekend.

Maggie weighs at least 22 lbs and is "walking" all over the place.  It seems like overnight she went from crawling, to standing once, to cruising ALL over the place.  She's even been brave enough to cross from 1 couch to the other reaching out with 1 hand to get herself there.

It's funny when Maggie's ready to get down from standing/walking.  She looks around behind herself to see where she can land & then PLOP, down she goes.  Maggie's getting better at putting her hands down first & easing down to the ground.  So maybe her little booty bruises will be gone soon from plopping down onto toys!

Maggie's eating habits have changed a little...she's gotten a little more particular about what she inhales.  Probably has to do with the new teeth though. 

She LOVES her daddy & has actually started to cry when he leaves the room.  Are you gonna be a daddy's girl like Izzy? 

I only have 2 months to plan your first birthday....and you know I've already started planning it!

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