Native Texan Livin': American Pickers (Lauren style)

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

American Pickers (Lauren style)

We went to Austin last weekend to visit Carrie & Scott and had a great time doing nothing.  Well, I did nothing!  :-)  We let the girls play & let the babies get used to each other again.  It didn't take long...
Maggie & Julia
They're a year apart but they're the same size!
Later, we had Mexican food & Baskin Robbins.  I think they liked it!

Chocolate face Kate & Miss. Sassypants

Saturday morning Bo & Scott took Izzy & Kate to the local splash pad, then we went to Plucker's for wings & the most AWESOME bloody mary I've EVER had.  I know you're supposed to have beer w/ wings, but since there's not a Plucker's here, I couldn't pass up my opportunity to get that bloody mary.  Yes, they're that good.

Izzy & Kate watching Madagascar. 
(I believe this was the only time they were still & quiet the whole weekend!)

But food wasn't the ONLY reason we went to Austin...

Carrie got new countertops put in her kitchen & was giving us her old ones.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm the cheapest person alive...besides my dad!   So when my friend offers me free countertops, I will gladly drag my family to Austin, have Bo rent a uhaul, load it up w/ all my pickin's & then drag is slooooowly back to Houston.  Hey, it's what we (I) do.  :-) 

In my defense, I told Carrie they should keep the counters & make an outdoor kitchen for themselves.  She declined so I told her she should sell them, etc but then she offered them to us.  She probably didn't think we'd waste the time & gas & money to rent a uhaul to drag it all back, but free is free, so suck it!  :-)
The girls on our awesome trailer

Yup, we're officially those people you make fun of driving down the freeway!

Our Pickin's:
- 2 giant pieces of Silestone counters
- bar sink
- a cool new slide
- high chair
- baby exersaucer
- a few baby toys
- 3 trash cans
- cabinet mount for above mentioned trash cans

Bo strapped the heck out of our new treasures, so luckily NOTHING bounced out or broke!  Now, onto building OUR outdoor bar!

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