Native Texan Livin': Memorial Day Weekend

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was spent doing lots of work...not done by me. :-)  Bo & our neighbor Matt started extending a fence down the side of our driveway so we can eventually put in a gate across the driveway.  After that, it was a lot of yard work, watering & cleaning the grill...again, not done by me.

On Saturday, we went to The Watson's to celebrate Larry's birthday.  Since the day was spent lounging in the pool, I didn't grab my camera.

Sunday we had my family over for a BBQ.  I think it was Bo's first attempt at cooking a brisket & it turned out really good.  He attached a smoker to our pit so it was extra delicious.  Here are a few pics...none of the brisket though. ;-)
Liam & Izzy

Val hula-hooping....yes, that's what we do for entertainment!

Mom & Andy

Maggie, Neena & Papi

The rest of the Motley Crew: Julie, Val, Andy & Bo (missing: Eddie, Bec & Bella.  Present but not around while I had my camera out.)

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