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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Naples, FL

A room with a view...WOW!

We just got back Sunday from a trip to Naples, FL with all the Watson's, celebrating Nancy's 60th birthday.  16 of us flew out together on Thursday to meet up with Nancy & Larry who had left the day before. 

It was Izzy & Maggie's first time to fly so I didn't know how that flight was gonna go.  Maggie was a lap baby & we sat in between Izzy & Bec.  Izzy was on the window & asked lots of questions.  She asked why the windows wouldn't open!  So I explained (as un-scarily as possible) what might happen if a window was open in a plane while it was flying.  Then, the cutest question of all!  She asked if those were the wings on the side of the plane.  I told her yes & then she asked, "Well, when are they gonna start flapping?"  :-)  Of course, everything with wings should flap to get up, right?!?!  So cute!  The flight was fairly uneventful...lots of snacks & dvd's to keep little ones busy.

We got to the hotel, got checked in & headed to the pool/beach.  This was Maggie's first time on a beach...but she prefers the pool.  Too much sand.  :-)
Lots of seashells to collect!

We celebrated Nancy's birthday Friday night with a family picture on the beach.  Everyone wore white & it was so cute to see all the kids running around as the sun was setting.  It was a whirlwind of picture taking so hopefully the pictures turned out well.

Maggie trying to walk in the sand

The rest of our time was spent relaxing on the beach or the pool.  There was a boardwalk that connected our pool to the beach, so it was very convenient to get from one place to the other.
Having lunch at our normal spot at the pool side cafe
The Watson's "main room" was pretty far away from ours, so we wheeled Maggie's crib down to their room for her afternoon nap.  Nanny &/or GG offered to watch Maggie & Merritt while they napped, so the moms/dads could stay down at the pool.

Packing up on Sunday to leave...
Don't forget me mom!!!

It was a great trip had by all!  I definitely missed my pool side drinks on Monday!  Thanks Nancy & Larry!!!

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