Native Texan Livin': Where's Waldo?...I mean Izzy!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where's Waldo?...I mean Izzy!

I know a lot of kids sleep with their favorite animal, baby doll, etc.  But when the "favorites" add up to about 20, is that normal?  ;-)  Surprisingly, she knows exactly where each one of these babies goes! (and no matter what the toy is, they're all "babies")  The day after I took this, Izzy said she needed to take some of her babies to the game room so she could have more room to sleep in her bed.  That hasn't happened yet!  :-)  My favorite is the barbie next to her.  That can't be comfortable to roll onto in the middle of the night!
Izzy & the sleepy time crew

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