Native Texan Livin': June 25 ~ NKOTBSB! (Yes, it was 3 weeks ago. Give me a break!)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June 25 ~ NKOTBSB! (Yes, it was 3 weeks ago. Give me a break!)

Man, where does the time go!  I feel like I've been so busy the last few weeks but have nothing to show for it.  ;-)

The weekend of June 24, The Coombes came in town so Carrie & I could go to the NKOTBSB concert!  Yes, I know we're total nerds, but you can't deny you're jealous!  ;-)  We had awful seats but the concert was good.  It was neat to see NKOTB who we LOVED growing up...made me feel like I was sitting in my room in 6th grade listening to their tapes.  Sigh.  
Waiting in line for beer

NKOTB & BSB as the show started.  Told you our seats sucked!
Earlier that afternoon, we went to Kemah to eat lunch & let the girls ride rides.  The rides (plural) quickly turned into ride (singular) when it was toooo hot to wait around anymore.  Lunch outside was hot & then waiting in line to get tickets was even longer, so luckily, they were happy w/ just the carousel.
Kate & Izzy

Whaaaaat is this thing?!?!
After Kemah, the girls wanted to do a lemonade stand, per the suggestion of Olivia the pig....from the Olivia cartoons.  :-)   Bo & Scott took the table down to the curb for the girls to set up.  All of our neighbors just happened to wander out in search of pink lemonade to quench their thirst.  The girls kept yelling "free lemonade" which I quickly corrected as 50 cents a glass!  :-)  With enough neighbors & a tip, each girl got $4! 

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