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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Maggie's birthday party

The birthday girl in her Maggie Owl dress

We had a family only party this year since Maggie didn't ask me to invite any of her friends. ;-)  But even with just family, we had over 40 people here!  Actually, we did invite 2 friends but they're practically family, so it counts.

I went with an Owl Theme for Maggie's party because I thought they were a hoot!  Ha! 

We were going to have the entire party outside, but it rained almost all day until right before the party, so we kept all the food inside, just in case. 

This is a birthday sign I ordered from an Etsy store.  It went with the owl theme perfectly!

I found an idea online to show a "year in review" of how the 1 year old has progressed thru the year.  I made smaller owls to match the invitations & printed a pic of Maggie from every month up to her birthday.  It turned out really cute but didn't quite have the effect I was going for since Maggie basically looks the same from 6 months to present!  :-)

The tiki hut in use!  You know it's official when you see a bag of water hanging up to try to keep the flies away!

Jumping in swimsuits.  I had all the kids bring their suits in case it kept raining.  It didn't rain anymore but was just hot & muggy.

Birthday girl & her daddy!

Got the cake from HEB but since they won't take personal requests anymore, Carrie & I added the branch & owl when we got it home.  That's why it looks a little, um....homemade!  :-)

We served hot dogs, nachos, chips, dip & fruit.  Love me some nachos!

Uh oh!  We found the pinata!!!

Our mini family pic.

Let's check out what I got!!!

She must've just seen something amazing!  :-)

Pinata time!  We had to give the birthday girl a shot too.  Needless to say, she wasn't the one to break it open!  ;-)

And this is what you get with leftover owl pinata carcass!  I think every kid got their turn in the owl head!  It was actually pretty funny to see all these little people running around with a giant owl head on their little bodies!  :-)

You spend money on a jumpy and what do the kids play with?!?!  A rope!

♫♪ Happy Birthday to You ♪♫

As you can see, she didn't like it very much!  ;-)
She was actually pretty clean until Aunt Val decided she wasn't messy enough, so she dabbed a little on her nose.

I made these owl cookies to give as the party favor.  Ordered the bag toppers from the same Etsy lady I got the banner from.

Hope you had a great birthday party sweet girl!

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