Native Texan Livin': Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Well, it wasn't really that bad, but it felt like it.

- Had to wake Maggie up at 10:15 to get Izzy to school & go to Maggie's 1 year
- Get all packed up & open the garage door to leave.
- Garage door only opens a foot off the ground.
- I try the garage door a couple more times w/ the same result.
- Lock up the house & go outside w/ the kids so I can manually open the garage door.
- Strap Maggie in the car seat & attempt to pull the red string on garage opener.
- Try to yank the string but it's stuck.
- I finally pull the string & the garage door slams closed.
- I attempt to push up the garage door & it won't budge AT ALL!
- I'm officially stuck IN my garage.
- Take kids out of truck.
- Call my friend to take Izzy to school.
- Call Pediatrician to reschedule Maggie's appointment.
- Call Bo to call garage door people.
- Garage door guy comes out & we see that the coil is broken in half.
- Guy tried to charge me $!
- Then comes down to $!
- Then the lowest they can go is $480....still no!
- Guy leaves but then his boss calls they found inventory, blah blah, now price
   is $380! .....still HELL NO!
- Bo schedules a different company to come tomorrow to replace for $210.
- Truck still stuck in garage.

In the mean time,......
- a fly comes in the house.
- I attempt to throw food away & it falls to the floor.
- I pick it up & hit my head on the corner of cabinet.
- Attempt to take out the trash from the can & it takes a FULL minute to get
  the overstuffed bag out.
- I go out to take out trash & almost get attacked by a wasp.
- I can barely walk because Maggie is attached to my shins.
- Maggie ends up taking an awful afternoon nap.

So, in the end I survived, but just barely. ;-)  Let's hope tomorrow goes a lot better!  Sorry, just had to vent!  :-)

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