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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ariel & Bevo

I'd like to introduce our newest family members to you.....Ariel & Bevo.  No, not more kids!....puppies!  We decided to adopt 2 puppies from a shelter Bo found online that had a fairly new litter.  We went to look at them last weekend in Kingwood hoping to adopt then, but the shelter had to do a home visit to make sure our house was safe for the pups.  The foster & shelter lady came by today with 4 puppies & our home inspection passed with flying colors!  :-)

Bec had already decided she wanted the male pup named Patton (like the General) when we saw them last weekend.  Izzy was still undecided, so the foster mom said they'd bring a few girls that Izzy could choose from.  Izzy ended up choosing the girl named Panda (b/c she looks like a Panda). 

So, now our house just got a bit smaller w/ 2 more little ones running around, but I think we'll manage.  Actually, we have 3 dogs in the house right now because we're dogsitting Clark (the Watsons dog) while they're out of town.  He's doing well with the puppies so far, so that's good.

Izzy hanging out in the kennel before the pups arrived.

All 4 puppies

Bevo (male)

Ariel (female)

Our doggy Motley Crew

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