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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My super awesome birthday

This year for my birthday, Chick-fil-A happened to be doing a Princess/Pirates party where if the kids dressed up, they'd get a free 6 piece nugget.  So....being someone who will do whatever it takes for free food, we dressed up the kids & made a plan.  It wasn't as simple as just showing up though.  Chick-fil-A asked people to make a reservation online so we made one a couple weeks ago.  Well, we show up & Bo goes in search of a table.  He goes to a round table in the middle of the restaurant to hold it for us & he comes back.  He says not to worry, it's reserved for "The Watson Family"  Seriously?!?!  Yup!  CFA reserved specific tables for each family who RSVP'd online.  Sweet!
Yes, we are that important that CFA reserved a table JUST for us!  ;-)

The kids got to eat for free & then they were also offering face painting & balloons for the kids.
Izzy pouting, Maggie, Lauren, Prego Julie & Bella

Sisters (Bec couldn't come b/c she was at cheer practice.  Don't worry...we took her some food)

We head on home from a fun dinner & then my PRESENT arrives!  Bo & I had been looking into getting a golf cart from one of Bec's friends family but I thought we had decided against it to spend the $ elsewhere.  I really wanted it but I wasn't gonna push the issue.  So......what rolls up after we get home?!?!?!  A golf cart!  Izzy & Bella took turns "driving" it with me.

What a great birthday with a great family!  And just so my other gift doesn't feel unappreciated...the girls & Bo also got me a Scentsy warmer w/ 3 scents.  Love those things.  Thanks to everyone who I made celebrate with me this weekend!  ;-)  (I say "made" because I planned my own family dinner here Friday night & then asked my dad to cook for me Sunday.)  :-)  

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