Native Texan Livin': Tiki Hut / Palapa / "Phoenix Rising"

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Tiki Hut / Palapa / "Phoenix Rising"

Bo's latest project was to construct a tiki hut for our outdoor bar area.  This is where we're going to use our countertops we got from Scott & Carrie.

We got the concrete poured a while ago.  Then, Bo found these really authentic looking round poles to use for the main frame.  I think those alone make all the difference...just wouldn't have the same look w/ reg square 4x4's.

Once the frame was done, the roof went up.  Bo framed it out & then added the thatch roofing material we found on Amazon.  (Love that place.  They literally sell everything!)

After putting a few rows of thatch up, he realized it was droopy, so we decided the best thing to do was to put up fence board in between the boards already up.  This is where the "Phoenix rises."  Instead of spending any more money on supplies, Bo remembered he had kept the burnt fence pickets from our fence fire a few months back, so up they went!

Next, they made the frame for the counter. 

Counter installed & the cabinet front on.

Final product w/ bamboo fencing across the front & sides.  (w/ a model posing for you)  We've really enjoyed having it!....or I mean Bo.  It really helps to shade the BBQ pit when he's grilling.  If we eat outside, Izzy especially likes to take her dinner to eat at the bar instead of the table.  It really makes the backyard feel tropical.  Now all we need to get is a pool.  It's just $$$ right?!?!  :-)  Bo wants to decorate it with authentic boat stuff...buoys, rope, toilet seats from the ocean, etc.  :-)

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