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Thursday, September 15, 2011

All the every day stuff

I feel like we've been sooo busy lately but I know it's because it's "birthday palooza" around here AND school has started.

Here are just a few snippets of what we've been up to lately...

Izzy started her 2nd year of ballet
No, she's not a giant!  Some kids are just small...but it's also a 3-5 yr old class! :-)

 Bec had her first football game.  Hooray, the Panthers won!
The cheer squad & the mascot

Maggie & Izzy's first school football game!

Isabella had a party at Chuck E. Cheese.
Every time Maggie got on a ride, she'd way "weeee" like she does when she's on the swing set.
Sooo close!  Actually, she could reach most everything but couldn't quite get the concept of exactly how to play.  ;-)

Taking the horse for a brisk stroll
Treating the horse like a bucking bronco!

The "after party" at Julie's.  Checking out all of Bella's loot!

League City has new rules about riding in golf cart's now, so we had to add a few things to make it street legal.  Bo & some neighbors...and their friends spent Saturday night adding on the golf cart's back seat & some other accessories so we can pass inspection this week.
basket off, back seat frame on
Bo & friends bolting down the seat.
Final Product!

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