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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hey Watson Family, What are you gonna do now that it's 2012?!?!.......


It's been a long time coming but we finally made a plan that we're sticking with!  We're going to Disney World in June for 4 days.  I know, I's not enough time, but for our first trip as a family, I'm sure it'll be long enough.  Especially with an almost 2 year old who will be skipping naps.  :-)

I've been doing research on Disney since last summer.  First, we were gonna go w/ The Coombes family last July but when they decided not to go, we nixed our plans as well. 

Then, Disney Cruise dates came out this past Spring & we decided to book for Thanksgiving week 2012 with Julie's family.  As time went on, I kept comparing World prices vs. cruise prices.  I just couldn't justify spending more than DOUBLE the price of just going to Disney World for the, another trip cancelled!  (don't worry...we got 100% of our deposit back.)  :-)

But before we cancelled the cruise, I told myself (& Bo) that we were DEFINITELY doing something Disney this year.  So once we cancelled the cruise, it was time to price out Disney World packages again.  We had a few free flight vouchers on SW so we decided on the dates & booked the flights. (That was another "plus" on going to the World instead of the cruise.)

Once the flights were booked, we finally decided on the hotel & dining plan.  We will be staying at the new Art of Animation resort on the Disney grounds.  Most of their rooms are family suites & are themed after movies.  The resort opens in May 2012 so hopefully it'll still be nice & new when we get there! :-)  Our suite will be themed after Finding Nemo!

We will also be doing 2 Character meals.  Our first full day there, we will have lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table w/ Cinderella & all the princesses.  I think Izzy's gonna FREAK when she gets there!  The next day we'll do breakfast at Chef Mickey at the Contemporary Resort.

We finally told the kids on New Year's Eve that we were going.  I bought some trading pins on ebay & Bo got some Disney lanyards at Home Depot.  We...I mean Mickey Mouse packed a box w/ the pins & lanyards and a personal note from Mickey himself telling the girls about the vacation. 

The pins are for "pin trading" in the parks.  Basically, you have authentic Disney pins that you put on your lanyard & you can trade with any of the cast members who also have pins on their lanyards.  It's just something fun for the kids to do as we walk around.

So, that's all we have for now.  I'm WAY too into planning this trip but it's super fun, so I'm enjoying it!  I hope the trip turns out to be as fun as I'm imagining it to be!

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