Native Texan Livin': Spring Break 2012

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break 2012

The girls were out of school last week for Spring Break & we decided to do a few fun things. 

Tuesday, Julie & I took the girls to Moody Gardens Aquarium.  The last time we came here was when I was pregnant with Maggie, so I figured it was time to go back.  The girls had fun looking at all the turtles, sharks, penguins & seals.  Maggie's favorite part was watching the penguins zoom past her!  We attempted to go to The Rainforest Cafe afterwards, but since it was Spring Break, it was PACKED!  We left & ended up eating Chick-fil-A near home. 
Bella, Izzy & Maggie

Izzy & Bella "touching" the turtle!

Maggie looking for one zooms right in front of her!

Maggie trying to touch the penguin

Izzy the Emporer  :-)

Whoa, look at those teeth!

They were excited to see the penguin on our way out,
but Maggie wanted nothing to do with it.
Froberg's Farm near here in Alvin does seasonal strawberry picking.  I had never been but heard it was fun, and since we were gonna visit Memaw anyway, we headed down a little early to get some pickin' done.  It was really packed, really muddy & of course, we all had on the wrong shoes!  We made it around most of the mud & got lots of good strawberries.

Don't eat the whole thing!  :-)


My 3 girls

Maggie's pickins
Strawberry picking was really fun...definitely gonna have to do again!

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