Native Texan Livin': Kemah & Bayou Wildlife Park

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kemah & Bayou Wildlife Park

Last Thursday we went to Kemah for a play date with Izzy's friend, Katie.  They played in the sprinkler area first & luckily it wasn't crowded since we got there early.  Maggie mostly hung out on the edges...didn't want to get sprayed.

After changing & getting dry we went to feed the stingrays where we ran into another classmate of theirs.  Alana & her mom were heading in to feed the stingrays too, so they all played the rest of the day.

Walking over to ride the rides.  So sweet!  I love seeing little kids holding hands!

mom & Mags flying

Riding the train
Izzy, Katie & Alana (& Mags in the back)

Not sure what this face was all about.  :-)
We finished the day off with lunch at Joe's Crab Shack.  The girls were exhausted by the time we left but they had a blast!

Sunday, we went to Bayou Wildlife Park.  Maggie really enjoyed getting up close & personal with the deer.  The petting zoo area stunk to high heaven so we didn't stay in there long. :-)  Everyone had a great time!  My favorite part is always riding the tram around the whole park. 
Julie & Christopher
This deer looks fake...but it's not.
Maggie making friends w/ a deer

Ready to head out on the tram

Maggie & Daddy ready to feed the animals

Izzy feeding a camel

Camel trying to eat Andy instead of the food.  ;-)

Bec feeding a.....I have no idea what that is.

Made a new deer friend

Loving her some deer

Bec & a deer

We call her Mag-ebra

 Pony rides for all!

Maggie rode for a few seconds & then cried
so I had to take her off so we didn't upset the horse.

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