Native Texan Livin': Cinco de Mayo

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

The Coombes family came in town this past weekend, so it gave us a reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo...not that we really needed a reason to eat mexican food.
Izzy, Julia, Maggie & Kate
Carrie & Bo
(I was trying out Instagram & she posed this way!)
Saturday afternoon, the kids played in the blow up pool. 

Looks like Maggie's lifting Bevo!  :-)
 Then, we went real TPT & made our own waterslide. ;-) 

You can't have Cinco de Mayo without Mariachi mustaches!

and you DEFINITELY can't have Cinco de Mayo without Puerto Rican food flags!  :-)  (We had these leftover from my dad's 60th b-day party last year, so I thought it would be funny to bring them out.)

Pinata time!

The girls got lots of candy since they
didn't have to share with a ton of kids!
Saturday evening, we ordered the Cotto/Mayweather boxing match.  Nothing goes better with boxing than MORE mustaches!  ;-)
Eddie trying to look like my dad

Now baby Christopher getting in on the action

I wanted to see how much I'd look like my dad if I had a mustache!  :-)

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