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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

We started Mother's Day weekend on Friday when we celebrated with my mom & memaw.  My mom had us all over on Friday since it's her day off & she has to work on the weekends.  She cooked fajitas w/ all the fixings. 

After dinner, all the kids enjoyed Julie's cupcakes....Maggie enjoyed them a little too much!

After dessert, we gave Memaw & Nana their gifts.  Izzy was excited to give Memaw the blue hummingbird feeder we found for her. (blue is memaw's favorite color)
Then we gave Nana an appropriate gift from electric wine opener.  :-)

Julie & Val started pushing in their gift & Julie fell because they were pushing too fast.  I laughed!  They gave a couple plants on rolling plant holders.

Lauren, Memaw, Julie, Nana & Valerie
At the end of the night, Bo decided to let Bec drive up & down a dead end street next to my mom's house.   This year will be spent teaching her how to drive.  :-/

Saturday morning, we headed off early to San Antonio for Merritt's 2nd birthday & to meet baby Hayes.  The car ride was pretty uneventful, which was nice.  We checked into the hotel before going over to Brookes'....and you'd think the kids had never been in a hotel before.  They were so impressed with how awesome it was.  :-)  I guess because it had separate bedrooms w/ a living space so it was pretty big.

We got to Brookes' house & got our baby lovin' on.  Hayes is a month old but still seems SO little.  It's funny to see Maggie & Merritt w/ him because I always looked at them as still being babies...but that changed when you put them next to an actual baby!

Merritt had a backyard birthday party with a jumpy that Izzy & Maggie enjoyed playing in.  They especially liked their cakeballs & bottomless bag of popcorn! 

Sunday morning, we went back to Brookes' to eat breakfast tacos & to say goodbye before getting back on the road.  Unfortunately, the ride home wasn't quite as peaceful.  We made it home around 12:30pm, had lunch & put Maggie down for a nap.  I went to HEB alone (my gift to me) :-) & when I got home, I got my Mother's Day cards.

It was a great weekend spent with lots of family!  We are so blessed to have such wonderful mother's in our families.

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