Native Texan Livin': Disney World - Day 1

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Disney World - Day 1


June 21, 2012

After months & months & months of planning, it was FINALLY time to go to Disney World!  With the last day torn off of our countdown calendar (after already pulling off 168 days), we headed off to the airport.  We caravaned with Julie & family to the airport.  After parking & getting the shuttle, we checked in all of our luggage...and Julie's whole house onto the plane!  ;-) 

The girls were so excited when our plane arrived at the gate.

The plane ride was pretty good....with only 1 "damn it girls" from me!  :-)  In my defense, I had the pleasure of sitting with ALL 3 little girls, so I got to deal with the kicking of trays, almost spilling of drinks, rearranging of seats, I want this movie not that one, I want the kindle not the iphone, etc.  So, while Julie cracked up at my situation, I had 3 bloody mary's!  :-)


We finally landed, got on the airport monorail & had to head to baggage claim.  Not to collect our bags...because the Mickey Express (ME) was going to get those for us...but so Julie could tag MORE luggage that she forgot to tag with her ME tag.  ay ay ay!  :-)  After tagging her bags, going the wrong direction, up/down the elevator, we finally made it to the ME loading area.   The bus ride to the hotel was about 30-45 min but the kids kept busy watching the cartoons they showed on board.

It's finally time to check into our hotel!  That process was long...not sure if the guy was just really slow because he was old (sorry old people) :-) or because he's thorough because he's a Disney employee.  Both of our rooms were supposed to be ready, but ours was still being cleaned, so all 9 of us pile into Julie's room.  At this point, it's raining, so we've just lugged all of our kids & crap through the rain to get to the room.  We get the kids changed, get what we need for the park & head out again.

I read a lot of horror stories about long lines for buses in the summer, but we honestly never have any problems getting on the first bus that came.  We're finally on our way to Hollywood Studios!  Each bus ride lasted around 20 little by little, the kids start crashing.  Christopher first...then Maggie.  Bella's asleep next to Izzy & Eddie and for whatever reason, they both choose to ignore it & they BOTH continue to talk to Bella!  We never did figure that one out.  Maggie fell asleep with a ring pop in her mouth, so she started drooling red goo like a vampire.  :-) 

We walked into Hollywood Studios & it seemed all planning went out the window.  Where were we supposed to start off again?  We ended up walking to the back to Pixar Place and saw Jake from Jake & The Neverland Pirates, so we stood in a short line to get his signature.  Bella's autograph book got water spilled on it on the airplane so Julie had to buy her a new one in the park.  She came back to join me in line & of course...she was able to get the book at half price because it was out of the plastic wrapper! :-)

After that, we had an ice cream break.  It was actually pretty overcast & not too hot, but we had all skipped lunch that day, so we were mainly thirsty & wanted a treat.  When we got cleaned up from that, we went to see Disney Junior - Live on Stage.  It was a cute puppet style show where the kids could get up and dance.  We couldn't stay for the whole show because we had fast passes for The Voyage of The Little Mermaid.  This was a cute, very abbreviated show based on The Little Mermaid movie.  It was 4D so it was neat to feel water sprayed on you, it looked like we were under the ocean, wind was blown & we had bubbles blown onto us.

By this time, we were hungry, so we finally had dinner at Pizza Planet.  The food was ok.  The pizza was pre-made & the selection was small...cheese or pepperoni.  The kids didn't complain was, after all, pizza.  The meal plan was nice because then we got a drink & dessert with all of our meals. 

After filling our bellies, we headed to Honey I Shrunk the Kids play adventure. It had been raining earlier so everything was pretty slick. Maggie didn't have a desire to climb or do the slides, so we just took a picture on the big ant...which she then almost fell off of trying to reach for me while I was reaching to put Bella on the ant with her. We left the area after that.

We walked through New York & San Francisco on our way over to the next attraction.

It's 6:45pm now & we made it over to the Studio Backlot Tour. We made it onto the last tour of the day since it closes at 7pm. They put on a mock stunt show to show you how things work in the movies. Izzy was kind of scared of the gun shots & explosions but then I kept telling her it was fake. Then we went on a tram tour around some of the back lot. They take you into a fake canyon where it starts raining, a water tank topples, there's an explosion, the grounds starts shaking & an 18 wheeler starts sliding towards you. Izzy was sitting by Bo so he just kept telling her it's fake to reassure her. :-)

Bec still wanted to ride the Tower of Terror so she & I got in line for that while everyone else went to Fantasmic.  After waiting an hour in line, we finally got to board our elevator to the top.  Needless to say, I was fa-reaking out as the ride was getting ready to drop.  After dropping you & throwing you back to the top a few times, the ride was finally over.

By the time we got out, everyone was coming out of Fantasmic so we headed for the buses back to the hotel.

So....our first day at Disney was fast & furious & exhausting.  Great first day, hope for an even better tomorrow.  :-)

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