Native Texan Livin': Disney World - Day 2

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Disney World - Day 2

June 22, 2012

Friday morning, we woke up in time to eat breakfast at the hotel & catch the bus to make it to Magic Kingdom by 9am when it opened.  Christopher had been sick with a fever & ear infection, so when Julie didn't answer my texts/calls to come to breakfast, I just figured they were sleeping in. family eats breakfast & heads to the bus stop.  And now Eddie calls.  :-/  We stick to our plan & head to the park and Julie & crew will meet up with us once they get there.

Main gate to Magic Kingdom

We made it through the gates & can see the castle! We are SO excited & head over to meet the man himself...MICKEY MOUSE! While we're standing in line, Bo goes to get fast passes to meet the Princesses later in the day.  All 3 girls liked interacting with Mickey & Minnie.  Maggie didn't want to get too close, but would kiss their nose, wave, etc.

After meeting Mickey & Minnie, we head over to ride Dumbo & the tea cups...while posing for a few pics along the way.

Maggie LOVED her some Dumbo!  The whole trip she would ask to get on Dumbo.  :-)

Mad Hatter Tea Party.  Izzy really liked spinning us fast...and Maggie liked just trying to spin us.

After the tea cups, we ran into Alice & The White Rabbit.  Izzy kept getting nervous when meeting all the characters. 

After that, we got in line to meet Merida from the new movie Brave.  She's Scottish & uses a bow/arrow so there was a neat interaction where the kids could use the bow/arrow to shoot at a target.  Izzy was having problems at first but then...


Merida had good interaction with the kids.  Bec was wearing her Mouse ears, so she kept asking Bec how she got bear ears.  I haven't seen the movie yet, but there's 3 bears in it, so I assume it had something to do with that.  :-)

"Where's Julie" you might be asking?  Long story short...they finally got up, got ready, ate breakfast, got in line to get on the bus & then Christopher pooped through his diaper..and then onto Julie.  They had to go back to their room to bathe Christopher & change clothes before they could catch the bus.  So, it was about 10:45am by the time they got to Magic Kingdom.

By this time, we were heading back to the front of the park to meet the Princesses with our fast passes we got earlier that morning.  Since Bella had yet to see anything yet, we gave Julie 2 of our passes so they could come in with us.  The girls were so excited to see REAL Princesses!  There were 3 Princesses in this one meet & greet...Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Belle (Beauty & The Beast) & Cinderella.

After the princess meet & greet, we gathered everyone up to head over for our lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table in the castle!
Stopping to pose in front of castle 

Once inside the castle, we waited in line to meet & take a picture with Cinderella!  Izzy never questioned how she got from the meet/greet to the castle to quickly, so I didn't offer it up.  ;-)
waiting in line to get our picture taken with Cinderella

Izzy was in awe of all the princesses she'd meet.  :-)

Close your eyes tight, wave your wand & make a wish...
Maggie even got a birthday cupcake!  :-)
After our yummy lunch at CRT, we headed over to the carousel to go for a pony ride.  Seems like such a blah ride, but the kids always love it!

Time for a Small World...  The girls liked seeing all the little dolls singing "It's a small world after all..." & watching them dance around.  I was just happy we were sitting in air conditioning.  ;-)

After A Small World, we saw Mickey's PhilharMagic which was a 4D show.  Again, inside w/ AC so that's always appreciated.  The kids really liked the 3D effect where things would fly out at them from the screen.  Before we got on Small World, we got fast passes for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, so we headed there next.  Pooh was a ride where you basically ride through a Pooh book.  It was cute!

After Pooh, it was of course time for more Dumbo.  Maggie was SO happy making that little elephant fly!  While the others rode The Tea Cups again, Bec & I took Maggie for a stroll to get her to fall asleep & went to get fast passes for Space Mountain.  Mags finally falls asleep, we sit for a break & then the rain starts.  By now, everyone else has made it into Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe to keep dry, so we hang out in there & wait for the rain to pass.  And by everyone, I mean everyone in the park.  The place was packed!  ;-)

When the rain let up enough, we headed out again & went to Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor.  We really like the Monsters, Inc. movie so we enjoyed the show.  It was a funny comedy show where the monsters pick on a few audience members.  Julie was even able to get on screen a few times by "photo bombing" the guy in front of us who was getting picked on.  :-)
Girls in their ponchos.  Ready to tackle the rain!
After Monsters, Inc. we all got fast passes to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin to ride later.  But now it was time for Bec, Bo & Eddie to leave to ride Space Mountain with their fast passes we got earlier.  Since it was still kind of raining, we girls (+ Christopher) went to ride the People Mover since it was close by & covered.
They liked their ponchos so they kept them on
even though we were covered.  :-)
When we got off the People Mover, we saw there was a dance party starting.  The girls were having fun dancing and then Goofy & Stitch joined the party.  At one point, Stitch pulled Bella out to dance with him!  :-)

Bec & the boys got back from Space Mountain.  Here's the one pic they took.  Probably kind of hard to get a good one since the whole roller coaster's in the dark.

It was now time to use our fast passes for Buzz Lightyear.  This was a ride where we could shoot Zurg & see who gets the most points in your car.

Girls trapped with Zurg!

Izzy busting out!
It's dinner time, so we head back to the front of the park & eat at Casey's Corner.  Once again, the meal plan worked well for us because we got a drink & dessert with each meal...and then we could split the meal because there was more than enough food.  After dinner, Bec decided to take off on her own to ride Splash Mountain.  She would then meet up with us later for the parade.

Of course, it's raining again so put on our ponchos & head off to stake out a spot for the Electric Parade at 9pm. 

We had been waiting about 20-30 min when they announced the parade would be delayed because of possible lightning. :-/ Luckily, it was only delayed about 10 minutes so here come the floats...

After the parade, we headed to the castle to see the new show Disney does on the castle called The Magic, The Memories and You! It's a neat show they do on the castle where they make it look like the castle's facade is changing, they put pictures all over it, etc.  It was a really cool show & then the fireworks started.  The girls loved the show!

After all the oohs & aahs, it was time to head back to the bus to go to the hotel.  One more day tomorrow with the mouse...

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