Native Texan Livin': Disney World - Day 3

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Disney World - Day 3

June 23, 2012

Our last full day here!  We woke up bright & early to go to our 8am reservation at Chef Mickey.  It's a breakfast buffet where Mickey & the gang walk around and visit with everyone.  The food was really good & we even got Mickey waffles!  :-)  The girls were so excited when the characters would come up to our table.  We got lots of good pics with all the characters...

We boarded the monorail after Chef Mickey to head to Magic Kingdom.  
View of Contemporary Hotel from the monorail platform

Here comes the monorail

We're so high up!  Maggie was excited!
At Magic Kingdom we get straight in line to meet Rapunzel from Tangled.

She even asked Bec if any boys had been bothering her since we've been at Disney.  Bec said no & then she said to remember that if anyone bothers her, she should hit them over the head with a frying pan!  ;-)  I thought that was cute...since that's her weapon of choice in Tangled.  :-)
How is Maggie so unhappy w/ a mickey lollipop?!?!
We got in line to meet Mickey & Minne again!  Then, on our way out, we even caught a fairy!

Instead of going right towards Fantasyland (Dumbo), we went left to Adventureland, which we hadn't been to the day before.  We found The Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride & all the kids had fun riding...and Maggie had fun steering our carpet.  There was even a camel that spit at us!...fake camel, real water of course!  :-)

Bec took off to get fast passes to Thunder Mountain Railroad, so we headed over to meet Tinkerbell & another fairy.  Tink is always there but the other fairy can be any other fairy, so we weren't sure who we were going to see.  Turns out Vidia, the "mean" fairy was our other fairy.  She wasn't too mean though...but she likes to tease the kids a bit, makes fun of Tink, etc.
Izzy was so excited to meet Tink.  She asked where Izzy was from & when we said Texas, she asked when Texas lost all the other stars from our flag except one.  It's neat how they interact with the kids.

We stopped to have lunch at The Diamond Horseshoe in Frontierland.  It wasn't the most fantastic meal, but it was food, it was filling & we had it was great!  At this point, we had officially run out of our meal plan credits, so we paid out of pocket for this one...almost $60!  Yikes!

Slightly rested & nourished, we went to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Bella was too short to ride, so we had to really talk Izzy into riding it.  She finally agreed since Bec was going with us.  So, Julie, Bec, Izzy & I went to ride the railroad!  The train rides at pretty steep angles, so Izzy cry-whined almost the whole time.  I kept putting my hands in the air, saying wooooooooo to get her to loosen up, but she never really did.  It wasn't until we were off the ride & I kept telling her how awesome it was, that she then told Bo it was her FAVORITE ride there!  Note to self, make the girl ride more roller coasters next time.  :-)

Time to head back over to "little kid rides."  On our way back over to Dumbo, we stopped to watch the show in front of castle.  Singing & dancing princesses and characters...

The Dumbo ride just had a new queue open, so the kids had fun playing while we waited our turn to ride the elephant.  I was kind of annoyed by it at first because they give you a "beeper" like in a restaurant & you go play for 20'ish minutes until it's your turn to ride.  Well, I assumed they MADE you play for 20 min but it was just the average wait time at that specific time.  It turned out really nice to SIT instead of standing in line...and then the kids could play instead of being bored in the line.  Wasn't too much longer & we were back on Dumbo!

After 2 1/2 long days in the park, we decided to head out during the 3pm parade.  We walked against the parade traffic so we were able to see the whole thing in only a few minutes!  :-)
Belle & Beast

Ariel & Eric
Bella appeared to have had enough, so this is what we saw while waiting at the bus stop to go back to the hotel!  Can she breathe?!?!

Back at the hotel we changed to swim for a bit.  The pool water was freezing (I guess from all the rain), so we didn't last very long.  We all went back to our rooms to change & head to dinner in the hotel food court.  We were gonna keep the evening low key because we were leaving early the next day.  After dinner, Julie & I took Izzy & Bella to the lobby to pin trade.  We found a few pins that Izzy was willing to trade for some she had.  Julie was quite obsessed with pin trading, so she had been pin trading the whole time, but this was our first trade.  While we were trading, Bec got a charicature. 

This ended our last night in Disney.  The next morning, we got up early & caught the Magic Express bus back to the airport.  Overall, we had a great time but next time I vote we stay longer & take a more relaxed approach to the parks.

Until next time...

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