Native Texan Livin': Maggie's 2nd birthday

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Maggie's 2nd birthday

My big 2 year old!!!

We celebrated Maggie's 2nd birthday this year with an ice cream themed party.  We kept it pretty simple, only inviting family & 2 you know, there was only 30+ people here.  :-) 

It had been raining all week long, so we expected it to rain Saturday.  This wouldn't have been our first party in the rain, so we had all of the kids bring swim suits, because even after the rain stopped, it was still going to be wet in the jumpy.

We made beef & chicken tacos, rice, beans, stuffed jalapenos & all the fixings. I was even able to successfully make the cake I've been eyeing on Pinterest for a couple months. I think given the theme, the cake turned out cute. I also made ice cream scoop shaped cookies & ice cream cone cookies. I hope no one went into a diabetic coma after all of that! ;-)
Maggie enjoying her dinner

The "oops, I dropped my ice cream cone on
the cake & now it's melting" cake  :-)

Did I trick you?  No, this isn't ice cream!  They're cookies! 

Getting ready to open presents.  I think Maggie's confused!  We told the kids to sit down so she could open presents & she joined them on the table!  :-)

It's time for ice cream! Val & Connie scooped for the kids but they were able to pick all the toppings they wanted. 

Yummy ice cream!
Papi wanted some ice cream, so we all threw something together for for his banana split & this is what we came up with!

After ice cream, the kids broke into the pinata. I think it was made of steel because even Mason couldn't break into it...took at least 10 swings to bust it open.

Waiting for their loot!

OK!  I have 1 lollipop....that's all I need!  ;-)

 more jumping time...
The kids goody bags had an ice cream shaped water gun inside, so then they had fun jumping while shooting each other with water guns. :-)
Maggie just liked to squirt the water all over her head
Sunday morning was her actual birthday.  We had donuts for her birthday breakfast & then went out to lunch before the Coombes left town.  Maggie had a good lunch eating green sauce at La Brisa & having yet another ice cream cone.

It was a great weekend & Maggie had a blast! I'm so blessed to have such a sweet, hilarious daughter! I can't believe my last baby is already 2 years old, but I'm enjoying every minute of it. I can't wait to see how she continues to grow these next few years...and to see how long her hair will actually take to come in. ;-)

Happy birthday Maggie. We love you!!!

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