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Monday, June 2, 2014

ballerina cookies

I feel like I have good ideas sometimes but don't always allot enough time to pull it off.  I wanted to make Izzy and Maggie's ballet classes cookies for the end of year. Their last classes were on a Tuesday and Wednesday & I had this bright idea on Monday.

Not. Enough. Time. To. Pull. This. Off!

Well, it's not that I wouldn't have had enough time to do this on any other given day, but this was end of year time for Maggie in preschool, getting ready for ballet recitals & still had to work during the day.  AND because I didn't want to stay up all night on Monday &/or go completely bonkers trying to get these done by Tues afternoon, I decided to make them during the week & was going to pass them out Friday night at rehearsal.

In case you were wondering why I'm "whining" above, I should mention that making sugar cookies with royal icing  is a process that's either going to take all day or you can do a little at a time over 2-3 days.  Just depends on how much time you have.  You have to mix the dough, the dough has to set in the fridge, roll out, cut & bake the cookies, cool the cookies, frost the cookies, let the frosting set & then FINALLY package the cookies.

The sugar cookie & royal icing recipes I use are from Bee in Our Bonnet and so far it's what works for me.  The only change I've made is adding more vanilla in place of the lemon extract.  Just not a big fan of lemon.

I finally decided on a ballerina dress cookie but I didn't have a cutter in that shape.  I found a shape I liked online, so I printed it on cardstock, cut it out & used that as my cookie template.  After cutting out each cookie with a paring knife & baking them all, I ended up with these...

Are these ballet dresses or mushrooms?!?!  :-)

I left most of the royal icing white & made 2 different color pinks.  I didn't really know what I was doing so I just went with it.  Some were pink skirts, some light pink, some dark.  Some had diff colored ruffles, some had the same color ruffles as the skirt.

I found these cute bags at Hobby Lobby w/ a scroll pattern on it.  I think they made my cookies look better than they actually were!  :-)

We finally got to pass out the cookies on rehearsal night & I hope they were yummy in whoever's tummies they ended up in!

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