Native Texan Livin': Sea World San Antonio

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Sea World San Antonio

Have family...will travel
Julie, Eddie Lauren, Izzy, Becca, Andy, Val
Christopher, Bella, Maggie, Luke, Liam (missing: Bo-taking the pic & my dad-who knows where he went!)

Last weekend we road tripped it out to Austin to see my sister Valerie & her fam, & then drove to San Antonio on Saturday morning to spend the day at Sea World.  After ignoring the protesters outside the gate urging us to turn around & to not support Sea World, we entered Shamu's house.  (Seriously, if someone's gonna drive all the way to Sea World from Houston via Austin, WHY ON EARTH would I turn around at the gate! "Oh, you're right!  I thought about it & I'm gonna drive the 1 1/2 hrs back to Austin w/o seeing Shamu."  Uh, NO!)  But I digress...back to the kids. :-)

The kids had a blast riding kids roller coasters, carousels, playing in the Sesame Street water area, riding BIG roller coasters & seeing all the animals.

Our photo shoot on the fake roller coaster seat while we waited for the daddy's to finish their ride on the actual roller coaster.

We went to the Beluga Whale show which was pretty cool!  Lots of Cirque du Soleil style acrobatics, synchronized swimming, divers jumping from the top of the building into the tank, dolphins & of course beluga whales!  

Bo & Bec went early to get good seats in the Splash Zone for the Shamu Show.  We sat in the front row & got splashed a lot...but not as much as the front, side areas where Shamu jumps up & crash lands, overflowing the water over the sides & all over those people!  Salty fish water splashed on you in June = feelin' sticky & stinky the rest of the day!

After all the shows we rode some water rides to get rid of the stink.  ;-)  Afterwards, the dads left back to Austin to get food to grill for dinner.  The kids & moms stayed to finish playing.

It was a great trip that I'd be glad to do once a year!  All in all, the lines weren't terrible for the weekend after school let out but it was H-O-T....HOT!  But at least it wasn't 100 degrees yet!


  1. So fun!! I want to take Megan. She has never been. We need to get together still - VBS was nuts this week but we want a play date/ blog chat!

    1. This was my first trip back since I was about 10 years old! I'm sure your kiddos will have a blast whenever yall go. See ya next week! :-)