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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Carnival Magic - Day 2 - At Sea

Day 2 - Monday, 7/7/14 - At Sea

Our first full day at sea & Maggie and I were up before the sun.  We went out onto the balcony so we could enjoy the view & then all of a sudden, Maggie asked, “what’s that orange thing over there?”  Because it was already light outside, I assumed the sun was up.  When I looked out at the horizon, I saw the teensiest sliver of sun peeking out.  The clouds were so pretty backlit w/ the sun & we even saw a water spout!

Once everyone else woke up, we all met up at the Lido buffet around 7:30/8am for breakfast.  After my kids were done eating, they hopped in the pool with Bo.  I’m guessing we forgot to mention that the pool would actually be filled with sea water because Maggie kept gagging when the pool water went into her mouth.  She finally decided she had had enough of that water & started rinsing off in the showers provided near the pool areas.  Giving us her tell-tale signs of an impending puke, I knew what was coming next.  I started walking her back to our chairs & then SPLAT!  She puked on the pool deck!  We found someone to clean it up & they promptly asked if she had thrown up in the pool.  I guess if she had, they would have had to drain & disinfect it before filling it back up.

After that, everyone was done eating & we went up to the Water Works kids area.  Izzy & Bella were tall enough to ride the slides so they did that a few hundred times.  Bo & I tried the DrainPipe as well (which is a bit more tame) but I slammed my head on the slide on my way into the "bowl"….so that was my one & only time on the slides this cruise.

Taking a break from the water, we went to the Sports Square to play a round of mini golf.  Christopher & Maggie weren't all that into it but Izzy & Bella finished their game.  This area’s really neat because there’s mini golf, foosball tables, ping pong tables, giant connect 4, etc to keep the kids busy.  There’s also a ropes course called SkyCourse that runs the perimeter of the Sports Square in the air but we couldn't do it because none of us had closed toe shoes.  :-(

We went back down to the buffet around 12pm to get the kiddos fed.  We had burgers, hot dogs & pizza...and of course, ice cream!

Because I didn’t want to deal w/ a cranky Maggie again at dinner, I decided to take her back to the room for a nap around 1pm.  Julie decided to do the same for Christopher.  Luckily, our balconies were open/connected, so we sat outside while they napped.  Bo took Izzy & Bella to Camp Carnival to watch Despicable Me 2.  It’s so neat because Camp Carnival has a schedule for each day with so many activities, so you decide what you want to do, if you want to do it.

The littles ended up napping til 4-5pm & I had to wake up Maggie to get ready for dinner.  We all got a card delivered to our cabins informing us we got a new dinner table assignment, so we had high hopes this one would be better.  Tonight was Elegant night for dinner so everyone was expected to dress up & then you would meet the Captain. There were a million picture stations set up on the Promenade, so we stopped at ½ a million & then met the Captain before heading to the dining room.

El Capitan!

We got our new dining table assignment (#774) & it was MUCH better.  Although it wasn't directly on a window, the view from the window we were near was worth the switch.  Lobster was on the menu tonight so most of us had that.  Julie & Bo ended up getting the Prime Rib w/ a side of lobster!  For dessert, the waiters, Gusti & Rumandita (or “Uncle Rumi” as Bo called him), sang Happy Anniversary to Bo & I and Julie & Eddie and gave us a slice of cake.  We were there celebrating both of our anniversaries, Eddie’s birthday & Maggie’s birthday.  Needless to say we were about to get a lot of singing & cake!

Bec the lobster & her twin

Kids feeling very fancy drinking out of wine glasses!

Everyone waving our napkins, celebrating with the waiters as they danced & sang

Christopher loved Uncle Rumi!

I don't know what this face was all about but
obviously something was going on since the people
behind us seemed amused too!

The kids went to Camp Carnival after dinner from 8pm-10pm.  Each room had their theme each night so Maggie & Christopher's room theme was "Royal Gala - Prince & Princesses" and Izzy & Bella's room was "Arts & Crafts."  While they were in CC, we all went to the show in the Main Theater.  Our show was "The Grooveline"

Once the show was over, it was time for us to get the kids from CC.  We went to the room to change into more comfy clothes & were met by wearing my sunglasses!

Once we changed, we went down to the lobby to listen to music & go the shops.  Afterwards, we went to the Promenade to listen to karaoke.  After going back/forth about what song Julie & I should sing, she decided NOT to sing & I signed up w/ Coal Miner’s Daughter “You ain’t woman enough to take my man!”  After that, we were pretty pooped so we headed to bed.

Princess Maggie (w/ face paint)

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