Native Texan Livin': Carnival Magic - Day 3 - At Sea

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Carnival Magic - Day 3 - At Sea

Day 3 - Tuesday, 7/8/14 - At Sea

This morning we decided to class it up & have brunch in the Southern Lights dining room.
Bloody Marys & Mimosas please! :-)

The menu is so much better than what's offered on the Lido Buffet.  This was my steak & eggs breakfast with a side of curly fries!

The girls had french toast covered in fruit loops!!!

Having some fun at brunch.  Do I have something in my teeth?  We were "those people" on the boat that kept taking pics of our food at any given the guys thought they were hilarious when we'd take a pic of our food, they'd pick up a bowl of butter or an empty plate & ask us to take their picture too.  :-)

 After brunch, we went to the WaterWorks for some fun in the sun!
Here's Izzy & Bella waiting in line for the water slides

I thought it was cool to see a plane flying over
our boat...and wondered if they'd be able to see
us from way up high in the sky.
An ice carver showed his skills poolside.

1 o'clock...lunch time!  No, we weren't super hungry but needed to get some food in the kids so they wouldn't whine later.  We went to the buffet for pizza, burgers & nachos.  Having spent enough time in the sun, we sent the kids to Camp Carnival to watch The Lorax & we adults went to the Serenity deck which is only for 21+.  That area is kinda overrated...extremely windy, a few hammocks, meant for relaxing...I'd rather watch all the nonsense in the main pool area.  :-)

Once the kids movie was over, Camp Carnival hosted a Build-a-Bear event.  The kids got to pick out the animal they wanted & an outfit.  Izzy got a bear & Maggie got a dog.  The CC crew members give you a bear box full of stuffing & the kids stuffed their animal, zipped it up & dressed it.

After building their animals, Izzy did Wii Just Dance & Maggie danced around with her.  Once they were done, we swung by the Lido buffet to get some fruit & nachos before heading back to the room to get ready for dinner. (In case you couldn't tell by this point...we ate A LOT on this trip!)

Our dinner table was a little sparse tonight.  Christopher & Eddie didn't come to dinner because Christopher had a melt down when getting ready, so Julie put him down for a nap w/ Eddie...and then left them there to sleep.  Once we were at the table, Bella said her stomach hurt, so Julie took her back to the room w/ Eddie.  Little Miss Sunshine didn't get a nap today either so she passed out at the dinner table! (Yes, I'm that mom who lets her kid sleep across 2 chairs so I can enjoy my dinner in peace!)

Even though Eddie wasn't there, we still got to enjoy his song & cake to celebrate his birthday...the waiters just sang to my mom instead!  :-)

Dance Party in the dining room!

After dinner, we all went to the Family Comedy Show.  It was pretty for anyone who's ever enjoyed a real adult comedy was pretty lame.  I think the comedians even knew it was blah, but you have to adapt to your audience.  After that, we went to the photo gallery area to look at all the pics we had taken at all the photo stations.  There were some pretty funny ones that I didn't want to buy, so I took pics of them with my phone.  One of the workers came up to me & told me he saw what I did & I needed to delete the pics I had just taken.  I said OK & deleted one.  He said he knew I had more & he wanted my phone.  After more back & forth with this fool, he finally left us alone.

There was a beach party on the Lido Deck at 9pm so we went down to that for a while.  By 10pm, Maggie was getting tired, so we went back to the room.  When we got inside, we found Maggie's seal had found its twin!

Let's get some rest....tomorrow we in Jamaica mon!

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