Native Texan Livin': Carnival Magic - Day 4 - Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Carnival Magic - Day 4 - Montego Bay, Jamaica

Day 4 - Wednesday, 7/9/14 - Montego Bay, Jamaica

Eh Mon, we in Jamaica today!  Immediately, I want to start singing "Every little thing is gonna be alright..."

Maggie & I woke up around 6:30am & snuck out of the cabin to walk the deck & get coffee & pancakes to bring back to the room.  This of course, was only the first course of breakfast!  Once everyone was ready to go, we went to the Lido Buffet around 9am to eat before getting off the ship.

After getting off the ship, we grabbed a taxi to the Sunset Beach All-Inclusive Resort to enjoy a day of fun in the sun.  With the reputation Jamaica has (not very safe) I felt more comfortable in a place where we could do everything we wanted in one spot.  Since this was an "all inclusive"  you got all you could drink (beer, mixed drinks (small but strong!), virgin drinks, cokes) & eat (buffet w/ lots of options & a stand alone grille w/ burgers, chicken, grilled cheese, fries, etc), use of their beach w/ lounge chairs, use of all pools (I think there were 3-4), lazy river & use of the water slides.  One pool was adult only w/ a swim up bar but we didn't get to enjoy that one... (#travelingwithkidsprobs)  ;-)  We spent most of our time on the water slides & lazy river.  The pool connected to the slides was really nice because it has a "beach access entry" so it's really shallow & you can sit there while waiting for the kids to come down the slides.  Izzy & Bella could slide alone but Bo & I took Maggie on our laps.  Not because of the rules or anything (b/c technically by the height requirement, Izzy shouldn't have even been able to ride it...rules a little loose here :-) ), but because Maggie didn't want to go down alone.

After lunch, we took a break from the water slides & went to enjoy the beach.  We put a few lounge chairs in the water & the kids looked for sea shells.  There was some sea weed in the water so the kids didn't really want to go too far out.

Back to the water slides before we have to leave....

My mom being in this tube is a pretty big deal because she can't swim & the last time we were
here, she had a "drowning" incident.  The tube flipped over her head in the shallow area when
she was trying to get out of it & she couldn't get it off, so she thought she was drowning.
(Even though she was on her knees, water to her waist & her head above water)
I know it sounds scary but it was actually pretty hilarious when it happened 7 years ago.
She has a different opinion though! :-)

Bo & I skipped dinner in the dining room this evening.  We ate in The Steakhouse on board to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  The food was really good, the service & attention was excellent...but I probably wouldn't do it again.  You have to pay extra to eat at this restaurant & to me, it just wasn't worth the price.  Here's the only picture I saw of the rest of the crew having their dinner...

Bo & I met up with everyone else after dinner & we took the kids to Camp Carnival.  While they were there, we went to a magic show in the Main Theater.  It was semi-interesting...4 dancers slipped on the same spot on the stage, they stopped the show after the 4th fall to wipe that area down, & then we were all falling asleep so we left.

When we picked up the kids from Camp Carnival, we saw that Maggie won "best dancer" in her room!  (She must get that from me.) ;-)
Aaaaarrrr you going to congratulate me on my big win?!  :-)

"Hello room service.  Yes, we'd like to order a bunch of sandwiches & chips & fruit to eat on my mom's bed.  Thanks!"  She wasn't super-stoked to have crumbs all over her beds, but at least we got our late night snack in before calling it a night.

Tomorrow......we swim with the stingrays!

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