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Monday, October 13, 2014

BirthdayPalooza 2014

It's officially the end of our Birthday Season, which I lovingly call BirthdayPalooza!  All 5 of us in our family were born from July-September, so it makes for a BUSY 3 months.

We started our birthday season with Maggie's 4th birthday in July.  She chose to have a Frozen pool party (big surprise)!  I took the easy route & made sugar cookies for the goody bags.  Simple is better  for me, so I went with snowflake cookies with blue crystal sprinkles on top. (Had nothing to do with my complete lack of skills to make super cool Frozen character cookies.) :-)  The cake was from HEB but I made the chocolate snowflakes to add to the cake, along with the Frozen characters.

And what party would be complete without glitter EVERYWHERE & fireworks in the street at the end of the night?  Not this one, that's for sure!  Bo & the girls poured glitter all over the driveway, patio...well, everywhere.  There was glitter for days!

The fireworks were simply because we have some leftover from 4th of July.  We couldn't resist!

My birthday was next, in August & I got S-P-O-I-L-E-D!  Becca (aka - girl w/ a job) surprised me with some FABULOUSly FANCY gifts.  She got me a pair of Kendra Scott earrings (got herself a pair too while she was at it) & a pair of Tory Burch shoes & a Tory Burch wristlet.  Bo & the girls got me a Coach writelet.  What did I do to deserve all this?!?!

No birthday (or any day) would be complete without my girls...and a bloody mary!

Here's my birthday loot!  And Bec & I showing off our Kendra Scott earrings.  
Seriously, this is all the fancy stuff I own...all received in 1 day!

I chose to have crab legs & shrimp!  OMG, don't these look delicious?!?!  
I want more RIGHT NOW!

We finished up the night with a flat frozen oreo ice cream cake.  Not sure how it got so flat since it was in a prepackaged box, but we ate it anyway!  (like there was any doubt!)

September actually holds 9 birthdays in our families & 3 of those live in this house!  Rebecca's 17th birthday was next.  WHAT?!  How did that happen?!?!  She didn't really want to do anything spectacular since she had just come home from cheering at a football game, but did want to do steaks & crab legs at the house.
I picked up some cake balls from a local bakery which quickly got devoured.  You can't really tell from awesome photography skills, but Bec got an iphone for her birthday.  Well, she got an IOU for an iphone 6.  What she actually received was an old flip phone with an "I" taped to the front of it.  (I know, I'm so clever!) ;-)

Bo's was next & we FINALLY got him the bike he's been hinting at for the past 8 years.  (In my defense, there were other things he wanted/needed that came before the bike.)  I made a bunch of enchiladas & had dinner at the house.  My family & Muffy's family came over to help us celebrate!

We had a couple cakes to celebrate with.  I'm always paranoid about not having enough food, so I got 1 marble cake, assuming the kids would like that & I got 1 tres leches cake, figuring Bo would enjoy that one.  They both got dug into & both were yummy!
Bo even shared the candle blowing duties with the kiddos!

Izzy put a big bow on it by turning 8 & had an "end of summer" pool party.  She invited 20 of her closest girl friends...since she decided she wanted a girls only party (except dads & Christopher!).
Grilled hot dogs & sliders were on the menu along with tons of chips & dips & fruit.  All the kids had so much fun jumping & flipping off the rocks...normally a big no-no here but we let it slide for the party. :-)

I am officially birthday'd OUT & have 9 months to save up for the next celebration. ;-)

Until next year!

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