Native Texan Livin': Carnival Magic - Day 5 - Grand Cayman

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Carnival Magic - Day 5 - Grand Cayman

Day 5 - Thursday, 7/10/14 - Grand Cayman

It's an early day folks, let get going!  We were supposed to have breakfast by room service today because we had to be off the ship early today but it didn't show up until we were about to leave the room.  That's OK, we knew where the buffet was & took care of ourselves! :-)

Since we had an excursion scheduled, we met in the main showroom at 7:15am to all get off the boat together & get on a tender to Grand Cayman.  This Royal Caribbean boat was tendered next to us so we got a good view from our deck.

Heading out on the tender to Grand Cayman...

We're on land now so let's go find our tour bus!  We got to the waters of Grand Cayman on a ship, got on another boat to get ONTO Grand Cayman, going to take a bus that'll take us to another boat, so that boat can take us back out to the middle of the ocean to swim with stingrays!  Yeah...makes sense! :-)

On our excursion boat headed out to Stingray City.  We were on the top deck of the boat & it was slightly hot!

STINGRAY CITY!!!  We all got in except mom & Julie.  Our little ones were hanging onto their dads for dear life, but they got in! :-)  It was pretty crowded as there were quite a few boats anchored out there but there were plenty of stingrays to to around.

Yes, this is Becca kissing a stingray & feeling it flutter it's wing across her back.  I did it too & it did feel pretty cool...the flutter, not the kiss! :-)

After leaving Stingray City, we had to tow the sister-boat of our boat to our second destination, Rum Point Beach.  What should have taken 10 minutes ended up taking about 45 mins because we had to go slower.  

Finally on Rum Point Beach, we ordered lunch & drinks & found some chairs so the kids could play in the sand.  All in all, I probably wouldn't do this kind of tour again because we didn't do any snorkeling.  The water in Grand Cayman is SO pretty & there weren't any fish to see on this beach or at Stingray City.

After leaving the beach, we rode the boat back to the bus to go back to our ship.  We did some shopping there before getting back on our ship.

Back on board, we let the kids play in the Splash Zone before having to get ready for dinner.

Tonight was our 2nd Fancy night for dinner.

Standard song/dance show after dinner

We also celebrated Maggie's birthday tonight!

Maggie got her chocolate birthday cake & everyone else got baked Alaska & Cheesecake w/ "little calorie"  Also had little taste!

Kids went to Camp Carnival after dinner & we went to the 18+ adult comedy show & saw Cowboy Bill perform.  After that was over, we went to pick up the kids from CC & this is what we found...
It was Pirate Night in Izzy's room & Bug Night in Maggie's room.

Back in the room, we found our elephant & monkey(?) and we got the girls ready for their slumber party in Nana's room!  Bo & I watched Gravity out by the pool at the SeaSide Theater.  It was pretty cool because they have a movie playing on the large screen above the pool & you can sit in deck chairs to watch the movie.  They even pop popcorn!  After that, we were pooped, so we crashed & got rested up for tomorrow!

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