Native Texan Livin': Carnival Magic - Day 6 - Cozumel, Mexico

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Carnival Magic - Day 6 - Cozumel, Mexico

Day 6 - Friday, 7/11/14 - Cozumel, Mexico

Buenos Dias y Bienvenidos!  Our last stop is Cozumel, Mexico.  Once again, we were up with the crows & Maggie started on her first course of breakfast.

Later, we met everyone at the Lido buffet to eat again & we found that EVERY deck chair had already been towel animals

Off the boat, we took advantage of a couple photo ops on our way thru the dock.  Don't you dare leave without leaving a tip for taking a picture!  "Senora Senora, tip please!"

We took a taxi to Paradise Beach where you can pay $15/person to use the pool, beach, water toys & all of their beach blow up toys.  Or you could pay $3/person to just use the beach & pool.  We figured the kids would want to play on all the jumpy things in the water, but they were really hard to get onto & in the end, we spent most of our time in the pool.  Oh well, lesson learned.

Bo took the girls out to kayak and then Bec & I went out later.

This slide was the only jumpy Izzy & Bella could get up...and they did it once!

In the pool for the duration.  The kids had fun in here because it was fairly shallow, they could play right in front of us and we could sit in the shallow chair area.

It's non-alcoholic, I swear!
(except when they picked up mine by accident.  Oops!  They figured it out really fast!)

An underwater view...

What a rebel!  Now you've really crossed the line! ;-)

Bo & Eddie took the kids back on board while we stayed behind to shop.  We got back on board by 5:30pm & got ready for dinner.  What is this anyway?....pretty sure it's Oysters Rockefeller & a tilapia meal.

After dinner, we took the kids to Camp Carnival where it was movie night.  Maggie watched Horton Hears a Who and Izzy watched The Lego Movie.  We went to the Adult comedy show to see Caroline Picard.  In the middle of our show, the Cruise Director came on the loud speaker to make an announcement.  Right then, your mind runs a million miles a second.  What happened to my kid?  Is the problem at Camp Carnival?  How fast can we get there?  Is something wrong with the ship?  Are we going to have to evacuate?  He proceeds to tell us that someone on board had a medical emergency & we were diverting to Cancun to get this person off board to get them to a hospital there.  

After the comedy show was over, we went back up to the Lido deck & saw a ton of people staring overboard.  Our ship had stopped in the middle of the ocean & we were bobbing in the water, waiting for the rescue boat to hook up to us to get the patient off board.  Little by little, you finally heard what had happened.  A 7 year old girl got her finger cut off.  No other details besides that.  Never heard how or where it happened.  That was so heartbreaking to hear because Izzy was 7 & all I could do was put ourselves in that situation & could barely imagine dealing with that!  I asked the Camp Carnival workers about it & they confirmed it was true but didn't give any more details than that.  They got their boat loaded along with a Carnival crew member that would stay with them in Cancun.

Carnival did a great job at keeping everyone updated & as hard as it was to get back into "cruise mode" they did a good job easing back into it.  Tonight was Magic's Latin Fiesta night so there was a deck party & a Buffet at 11pm.  We got the kids from Camp Carnival & Maggie had fallen asleep during her movie!  We took her straight to the room & Bo stayed with her while I took Izzy to the fiesta.  We conga-lined & limbo'd for a bit but my stomach wasn't feeling well, so I went back to the room to switch off with Bo.  He went back out to the party but came back within minutes because Izzy was ready for bed.  I put her in bed with me & she was out fast.  I ended up throwing up once (damn you Montezuma & your slight revenge) & then I crashed myself.

Tomorrow is our last day...

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