Native Texan Livin': Carnival Magic - Day 7 (&8) - At Sea to Home

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Carnival Magic - Day 7 (&8) - At Sea to Home

Day 7 - Saturday, 7/12/14 - At Sea

On our last day at sea, Maggie & I took advantage of the early morning & empty decks to check out the ship's wake.

Scenes from our brunch & dining table...
And while we were eating, this one was snoozing on Christopher's bunk!

After brunch, we went out to the Splash Zone to play the pounds away.

 Izzy's action shots with the underwater camera as she came down the water slide! 

Here comes the rain!  We cruised right through the rain storm, but once it passed, we were back out on the Splash Zone.

After enough fun in the sun, the kids went to Camp Carnival during the afternoon to play games & have fun OUT of the sun.  Bo, Julie & I went to play bingo & I won 1 game.  Well, I was a partial winner of a $100 pot.  Had to split it 3 ways so I ended up with $34! :-)

We had dinner in the dining room & watched our final sunset on the cruise.  Afterwards, the kids went to their last night of Camp Carnival.  The kids were having a Farewell Party where they got to decorate shirts.  We didn't do much during this time...just went shopping, bought more pics, etc before picking the kids back up.

After we got back to our rooms, we all packed our luggage so we could get it out into the hallway before 11pm so they could get picked up.

Day 8 - HOME

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.  Let's go to the brunch & get stuffed like big pigs!

Technically, we're still on vacation, so technically, we can keep eating like this, right?

Somebody's sweepy!  What an amazingly exhausting trip!  

To top it off, we got home, unloaded all the luggage & I started making piles for laundry.  I asked Bo to bring in Maggie's duffel bag.  



Uh, we forgot her bag in the luggage terminal in Galveston.  Bo had to go back to Galveston, talk his way into getting back into the building & had to describe Maggie's bag to a worker so they could go find it.  Whew, they found it!  All is well with the world!  :-)

Great family vacation!  Until next time...

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