Native Texan Livin': Jan Brady Syndrome (a.k.a. Middle Child Syndrome)

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Jan Brady Syndrome (a.k.a. Middle Child Syndrome)

Tales From the Breakfast Table

Let's set the scene...
Izzy & Maggie are sitting at the breakfast table enjoying their healthy breakfast of microwave pancakes & syrup and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, while I clean up the kitchen.

Izzy to me:  Do you like being the middle child?
Me:  Yes, do you?
Izzy:  No. (insert pouty face)
Me:  Well, why not?
Izzy:  Because it's not fun!  I'm not the youngest or the oldest.
Me:  Yeah, but you're in the middle & that means you get an older & younger sister & that's cooler.
Maggie interjects:  I like being the middle child.
Izzy retorts:  You're not the middle child, you're the youngest child like the baby of the family!
(Maggie runs off to the living room saying Izzy's RUDE because she called her a baby!)

aaaaaaand SCENE!

I guess I never really thought about the "middle child syndrome" because I AM a middle child and never really thought I had this so called "syndrome."  The only syndrome I had growing up was bullying my sisters so I could sit in the brown chair or for them to give me the green crocheted blanket. (Ah, good times! Good memories...for me, probably not for them so much!)

And if I'm being completely honest, sometimes I don't look at Izzy as a middle child because it's almost like I have an only child & then 2 more children.  Becca's 9 years older than Izzy & 13 years older than Maggie.  But alas, Izzy feels like a middle child & technically she IS, so she must be.

So, here we are...
Izzy feeling like a 
wig wearing,
George Glass loving,
Marcia Marcia Marcia hatin',
Jan Brady!  

But it's SO AWESOME to be a middle child.   Maybe if I explain it to Izzy in terms I understand the most then maybe she'll understand it better...Let's talk food.

Sandwich/Hamburger:  What's the best part?  The middle!
Twinkie:  Hello....the filling (a.k.a - the middle)
Oreos:  The creamy middle!
Blow pop:  The yummy gum hidden in the middle
Apple:  peels in the trash, middle in your mouth!
Hard boiled egg:  Silky, perfectly cooked egg whites in the middle of the hard cracked up shell. (Not the yolk...y'all don't like the yolk at all. Ok, maybe this one was a bad example.)

At any rate, I rest my case!  So, embrace your birth order & if you ever get down, just picture your older & younger as the bland bread or thrown out apple peels & hopefully you'll feel better. 
(To my other, I do not consider you the apple peels of the family...but let Izzy have this one OK.) :-)

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  1. Hilarious! We can't all be Cindy Brady, even though Izzy likes to tattle. ;-)