Native Texan Livin': Refurbishing an old Table

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Refurbishing an old Table

Let me begin by saying that I am in no way an expert on refurbishing, refinishing, repurposing or painting furniture.  I just have a lot of BIG ideas in my head & sometimes it's fun to experiment...especially if the cost is low!  Sometimes they work...sometimes they don't.

I got this find from a local online "garage sale" site for $10!!!  Not only was it $10, but when I went to pick it up from the lady, she was gonna throw away a coffee table that no one bought, so she offered it to me....for freeeeee. (Said in the voice of Adam Sandler in Bedtime Stories)  :-)
(yeah yeah, not technically free...I got both for the $10 I was already gonna 
pay her, so you can do the math however you'd like.)  :-)

I had been looking for a table to use as an end table in my living room but this was gonna be too big.  I was also looking to replace my glass breakfast table, so maybe this would do the trick.

The table top was pretty beat up when I got it.  I called my mom in for reinforcements & we got to work!  I sanded the top only since the pedestal was in pretty good shape.

Once again, we used the Annie Sloan Country Grey chalk paint since we had some leftover from the wine rack project we did.

Bottoms up!  Working on the legs first with the table upside down made the project easier so we didn't have to hunch down under the table to work on that area.

The legs looked pretty splotchy after one coat of paint, so we added the second coat before flipping it over to work on the top.  (We were also fighting a love bug invasion so that was fun trying to keep them off the wet paint!)
1st coat
2nd coat

Time for the top.  This part was trickier because there were so many chips, humps & bumps where each plank connected, etc.  Like I said before, I'm no expert, even in sanding, so I didn't really sand off as much as I should have in the beginning.  Once painted, you could still see way too many of the wood imperfections through the paint, even after the 2 coats.  So once it was all dry, we took a fine grit sand paper & just rubbed it across the problem areas.  It seemed to do the trick!

My mom mixed Minwax with some black stain & applied it all over until it had a good color to it. This was just a homemade wax mixture instead of buying the real Annie Sloan stuff. (did I mention I'm cheap?!)

This table now sits in my kitchen breakfast area & already needs to be redone.  Note to self: Explain to children who are used to a glass table that a wood table doesn't work the same as glass.  You can't color with marker...including permanent marker...or get acrylic paint on it, and expect it to be removed with Windex or a sturdy finger nail!

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