Native Texan Livin': Norwegian Jewel {#cruiselikeanorwegian}

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Norwegian Jewel {#cruiselikeanorwegian}

Can I just say that I love cruises?!  I especially love a cruise I can get on, tour around & eat their yummy food without a penny out of pocket!  I got invited to attend an event last weekend hosted by SiriusXM's The MOMS {#NorwegianMOMS} on the newly renovated Norwegian Jewel.  The Jewel just started sailing from Houston & let me tell you...if you're not booked on this ship yet, get to bookin' because...
Getting prepared for this adventure, I didn't have to access my packing list I used this summer when I cruised as we would just be visiting this time around.  Maggie & I checked in, got our Visitor passes & waited to be called to board.

The crew members welcomed us on board with red carpet service.  Literally, there were red carpets!  It was such a fun entrance with the crew dancing & engaging the passengers as we came aboard!  NCL clearly knows how to start a party right!

We were assigned a tour guide from "deen unda." {that's my pathetic attempt to write "Down Under" in an Australian accent!  How'd I do? ;-)}  Anywho, he had the pleasure of taking our group around the ship, showing us all the ships highlights.  Our group was even lucky enough to end up with THE MOMS themselves!  Holla!

Check out this atrium you see as you enter the ship!  The ceiling appears to have icicles or stalactites (or something).  Whatever it was, it looked pretty cool.  There was a lounge to relax in & listen to music every evening while sailing.  (and the Texas flags just add to the awesomeness!)

We also got to tour the karaoke lounge & the casino.  Wish I could've heard some coins falling into the dishes below, but rules are gambling in port. :-)

The Stardust Theater was next on our list & this place was a beauty!  Peacock feather colored seats & really the perfect setting to watch one of NCL's fabulous productions.

Lido deck anyone?  The kids Sapphire pool looked so inviting!  This is definitely where my family would be hanging out the whole time.  Doesn't hurt either that The Grill is right next to the pool.  I can almost hear the reggae band playing now...

Have you ever heard of a Bridge Viewing Area?  I for sure hadn't & it was the coolest thing!  All the way forward on deck 11, there is a large glass wall giving you full view of the bridge.  Ah-maz-ing!

(Note to self: If something ever happens on a ship while on board, I'm not planning on following these instructions, but instead, I will stand outside the bridge viewing area & see what the crew does & follow suit!  Seriously, at what point are we supposed to repel down the side of the boat?!)

Then we checked out a Balcony room on deck 11.  All in all, the room seemed pretty comfortable.  Appeared to have a lot of drawer space located near the bathroom, closets, a little sitting area & a desk.  I think I could handle staying in this room. :-)

Next, we toured the gym & then headed to the Mecca for moms on a cruise boat....
This is the kids area for ages 3+.  Rooms are split by age & depending on the age group, the kids can do arts & crafts, watch shows, play, play video games, play in the arcade, dance, etc.

And since it says "parent free zone" I must abide. :-)  (tough rule to follow! ;-))

There's even a kids sized bathroom & sink.  May not seem like a biggie but it sure is when it comes to a 4 year old who can finally reach the sink & soap on her own!

At the end of our tour, we all got to eat a fabulous lunch in the Azura dining room.  With NCL's Freestyle Cruising, you get a new & exciting dining experience.  Gone are the days of assigned seats, forcing you to eat with someone you may or may not get along with for a week.  Freestyle dining lets you choose the restaurant you eat at, when you eat, where you sit & who you sit with.  There are even screens outside the restaurants showing their wait times for EVERY restaurant on board.  So you don't have to spend time wandering around the ship trying to figure out where to eat.  Everything you need to make a decision is right there!  How convenient is that?!?!

We had a couple choices on the menu today, and we chose Baked Potato soup, steak with mozzarella topped polenta, chicken strips & fries, and a decadent chocolate slice of heaven.

SURPRISE!!! Sponge Bob & Patrick showed up!  Woohoo!  Maggie wasn't thrilled at first but when I told her I'd join her, she finally agreed.  (Truth be told, she was really hoping for Dora)

We had a fabulously amazing fun filled day!  We were so thankful for this opportunity & can't wait to sail on this beauty FOR REAL next time!


  1. WOW! Thanks for the Fabulous tour of The Jewel! Can't wait to sail on NCL's beautiful ship so close to home.