Native Texan Livin': My new 2015 Toyota Highlander

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My new 2015 Toyota Highlander

Hey, did you hear I got a new car? ;-)  (please don't get sick of me...I'm just excited!) :-)

We upgraded this weekend to a 2015 Toyota Highlander & I am SO happy!  We've had an Expedition for the past 10+ years & it was really just more car than we needed now...and it was starting to fall apart, so...  We originally got an Expedition because we had a big ole dog and needed to tote him around, along with the 3 kids.  But with Bec driving now, the times that we're all 5 together are pretty few & far between.

Meet Silvermist!  Yes, we name our cars!

The things I knew for sure I wanted were 2nd row Captain's chairs, a DVD player, a 3rd row & Navigation system.  A few pluses we also got are leather, a sun/moon roof, sun shades on the back doors, backup camera, and seat warmers in the front seat.  Some of these things were standard & may be old news to some of yall, but I didn't have most of those things before so I'm happy!  I think Bo's favorite feature is something called Speak Easy.  The kids can speak at their normal tone from the back of the car, or we can talk from the front & our voices go thru the no more yelling back & forth! (that's the plan anyway!)

Star Toyota did us right & found us what we asked for!  Actually, Bo did most of the legwork over the phone with our sales person, so that made the process much easier (for me)! :-)  We were able to take Izzy to cheer, trade our Expedition (Snow White) in at a different location, sign all the paperwork at Star, do the financing stuff & drive off the lot in just enough time to pick up Izzy 2 hours later!

Now to keep this one clean...  :-)

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  1. Lauren, I am glad that you are enjoying you New 2015 Highlander (Silvermist). It was my pleasure to assist you and Bo in your new car purchase. I hope I made your buying experience fun and enjoyable.
    If there is any further question or concerns with your Highlander, please don't hesitate to call me. ENJOY! Dale Wardelman Star Toyota Sales Representative