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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A picture an hour...within the hour

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall?  I thought it would be fun to do a photo challenge and document our day yesterday every hour.  I didn't even come close to getting a picture on the dot of each hour but each picture was taken within that hour.

Didn't expect the day to end quite like it did but hope you enjoy anyway...

Making hay while the sun shines.  Actually, the sun's not up yet but I wake up when Bo wakes up for work.  It's the only time I have to work alone, without distraction before the kids wake!

Yes, they're awake and partially dressed.  Their morning consists of watching videos while eating breakfast.  Today they're trying out the breakfast lunchables.  They were not a fan!

What else would they do in the car rider drop off line but take a selfie!

Maggie playing with Izzy's school store loot while I get some work done.  Shhh....don't tell!

Maggie had ballet this morning.  Yes, she dressed herself.  But look at her form! ;-)

Izzy received the Character Award for Responsibility at school today.  We were so proud of her as this was the 3rd time she's received this same award (K, 1, 2).  I always thought each kid in class got their turn to win an award but turns out only half the class will win a Character award throughout the year.  So proud of our responsible girl!

Izzy talked us into coming back to have lunch with her 45 minutes after the awards ceremony.
Whataburger was her meal of choice! :-)

Lunch time is normally my morning dishes time.  All the important pot, wine glass, tervis cups.  Best drying towels ever...the tea towels hand sewn by my Memaw with the days of the week.  That towel does not say Tuesday...I'm not that anal. ;-)

Working on/off throughout the day but I finally have a moment to sit for a while to work for an extended period of time.

Bo went to get in the car rider line to get Izzy from school so I started dinner.  We will have some Stroganoff with our mushrooms for dinner. ;-)

It's all about that allowance baby!  Laundry time so they could get paid!

A little down time on before Izzy & I head out for her practice.

2 hours of cheer practice were spent putting together goody buckets for the girls' final cheer competition of the season this weekend.

Home from cheer, Izzy has a fever & wants to go to bed without dinner.  As soon as she's in bed & I have the emergency trash can in place next to her bed, she leans over & throws up.  :-(

Maggie took a 2 hour nap while we were at cheer, so she wasn't quite ready for bed when we laid her down.  She got up a few times & I finally read her a book to get her to relax.

Did anyone else watch the series finale of Parks & Rec? Love that show...watched it from day 1. Kind of hard to take a picture of the TV without it being blurry, but I was able to snap this pic of Burt Macklin. ;-)

At 10 pm I was exhausted & headed to bed.  Maggie slept in our bed since Izzy was sick & they share a room.  My last few minutes before bed were spent rearranging Maggie in our bed so she wasn't taking up the entire king size bed! :-)

This picture an hour was fun to do!  Hope you enjoyed taking a sneak peak into our day!

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