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Monday, February 23, 2015

Ranchin' it up ~ City folks just don't get it

We decided we didn't have our fill of San Antonio from the previous weekend, so we went back again the next weekend. ;-)

Bo's sister's husband's family (you still with me?) has a ranch just outside of San Antonio so we headed west for the Watson Sibling weekend, Part Deux.  We tried to go to the ranch a few months ago, but there was too much rain to get in safely, so we went to Bo's sister's house instead.

This time, the weather was beyond gorgeous!  With all 11 kids cousins together, they were bound to have some fun!

Friday was spent running around, playing in the junk yard (yes, you read that correctly), collecting firewood, petting the horses & looking at the stinky cows.  And they STUNK BAD!

It ain't a party til the kids start flipping tires!

The men folk went hunting but weren't able to get anything.  Not surprising with 11 kids making a bunch of noise around the fire! :)  The rest of the night was spent roasting marshmallows & visiting.

Wait, I think we can get 1 more person on here.  Just late night Kubota ride...nothing to see here.

Have you ever met a deer that's a pet?  Meet Cinderella!  This little lady was born on the ranch, wandered down to the house, wasn't scared of anyone & never left.  They put an orange dog collar on her to make sure the hunters know she's a pet. :-)

Who knew Cinderella was a beer drinker?!  ;-)
Happy Valentine's Day!  Saturday morning, the kids ate their Valentine's loot & restarted the fire.  They had fun picking up pieces of cactus & throwing them into the fire.  They'd sizzle as it was thrown in & I told them Papi (my dad) would be so mad they were wasting food like that! ;-)

After the kids were done roasting their nopalitos, we went down to the poo piles to play.  Actually, I'm sure it's mostly dirt...some rocks...but definitely some poo.

Rebecca: The self-proclaimed cow whisperer
This was the cutest picture!  All the kids were watching Matt get a horse for them to ride & we were able to catch this cuteness!

The kids finally got their turns on Miss Holly.  All the kids did great!  My girls quickly became comfortable with Matt walking them on a fast trot. :-)

It's so nice for our kids to be able to experience things they normally don't.  We had an amazing time spending time with family & letting the kids play with their cousins without any plans.  Can't wait to do it again!

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