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Monday, March 30, 2015

Chore Chart for Kids

I don't know about your kids, but mine are all about the dolla dolla bill yall!

Izzy wanted to make some money for chores so she & Bo came up with a list of things that she & Maggie could do.  They also decided what each chore would be worth & how often they'd need to be done in order to get paid for it.

Using my BFF Excel, I made the chore chart colorful & fun for the girls and then Bo printed them since his printer's better than mine.

Since I made them as 2 charts to 1 page, I cut them in half.  Then I found a legal pad of paper that was almost done & stole the cardboard piece off the back to use for the back of the chore chart.  I trimmed off what I needed from the bottom & left the rest.

A couple years ago, I made a gift for my daughter's teacher that required a special glue that would dry like that rubbery glue you find at the top of a notepad.  I still have the glue so I was happy I wasn't going to have to purchase more.

I ended up using binder clips to hold all the papers together.  You just paint on the glue where it needs to be & it's pretty thick so it'll mostly stay where you paint it on.  I was having a hard time getting under the small binder clips, but I only had 2 of the large ones.  I ended up just gluing where I could, moving the clip so I could get under it & then putting it right back.

I let the glue dry overnight & removed the binder clips the next morning.  The glue got a little stuck to the clips because I let the glue run down the front a bit, but once I peeled the clips off, it was fine.  Actually, the top sheet was kind of ugly from where the clips got stuck to it, so I tore that sheet off & then it was fine. :-)

We wanted to keep their chore chart on the fridge so the girls had easy access to it.  I found a pack of printable magnet sheets I already had, cut a piece to size & hot glued it on the back of the chore chart.

Completed chore chart is on the fridge & ready to be filled in. :-)

I literally spent ZERO DOLLARS on this project because I already had everything on hand.  (See, it pays to horde because you just never know when you'll need something!)  :-)

You can print your own blank copy by clicking HERE and don't forge to order that glue.  Fill in the blanks with what your kids can do & put 'em to work.  ;-)

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