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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter Bunny Banner (w/ free template download)

Easy DIY Bunny Banner

The bunnies have multiplied around here!  Not literally...just on paper!

It's 2 weeks until Easter & we finally got our last decoration put up.  I made this bunny banner using this downloadable template & it was SO EASY to complete.

I found this super cute paper at Hobby Lobby & it's just what I wanted!  It looks like newspaper print with different colored chevron & polka dots on them.
scrapbook paper for Easy DIY Bunny Banner

I printed 16 bunnies with the template on the backs of the paper.  I decided to print on the backs in case my cutting skills were lacking, then none of the outline would show on the bunnies. :-)  Luckily, I was able to stay in the lines (mostly)!

I punched the holes & my little helper helped me lace the ribbon.  I didn't tie any knots because the bunnies seemed to stay where they were supposed to be with the tension of the ribbon.
Easy DIY Bunny Banner

Bunny tails (aka - cotton balls) were glued on with normal Elmer's glue.
Easy DIY Bunny Banner

We hung the banner across the living room shelves & it was the perfect size.  Of course, we could've made it shorter but I had 16 bunnies so we were using 16 bunnies. :-)
Easy DIY Bunny Banner

Easy DIY Bunny Banner

Easy DIY Bunny Banner

Easy DIY Bunny Banner
Can you tell by my photo skills I have short people problems?! ;-)

Download printable - print on paper of your choice - cut out - punch holes for ribbon - 
lace the ribbon thru the holes - glue on the bunny tails - hang the banner - THAT IS IT!

This was seriously one of the easiest crafts we've ever done & I think the banner turned out really cute!  It's something that'll definitely "hop" out again next year. :-)

Enjoy & Happy Easter everyone!

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