Native Texan Livin': NCA All-Star National Championship - Dallas 2015

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

NCA All-Star National Championship - Dallas 2015

This weekend we put a cap on our 2014/2015 TX RockStar cheer season at the NCA All-Star National Championship in Dallas!

As luck would have it, it decided to snow in Dallas & the roads were a mess which made getting there lots of fun. :-/  Then our windshield wiper froze (or broke) so that made it fun for Bo to drive.  We were getting updates from our friends about cars skidding all over the roads, so we decided to drive straight to the convention center instead of checking into the hotel.  We were worried we'd end up getting stuck at the hotel & not make in time for the competition because of the traffic.

Once we got the girls dropped off with the coaches, we had a lot of time to kill before they performed.  We took advantage of that time & went to the bar in the attached hotel!  Gotta have that parent bonding time!

The girls did amazing on Day 1.  After they competed, we went back to the hotel to finally check in & have a pizza party in the lobby!

On Day 2 of competition, we had breakfast at the hotel/mall next door that we were able to access from a covered breezeway.  Too chilly to be walking around outside!  After breakfast, a few of the girls went to Doryn's room to have an impromptu-party!

No time to waste!  After the party, we started getting ready to go.
Izzy --- ready to take the mat!

After the girls performed, we walked around for a bit & found a face painter & balloon maker.
Izzy got "Texas RockStars" on her cheek & Maggie was tranformed into the Real Hello Kitty to match her outfit!

At the awards ceremony...The competition was fierce & our girls did AMAZING!  They were up against some big names & they pulled out 4th out of 9th place in their division.  While they didn't make it into the "winner's circle" we were still super proud of how well they performed!

Our AMAZING Team Mom Beverly booked a limo to take us all to/from the restaurant after the awards.  Uh....hello?!  My first limo ride was not when I was 8 years old!  Lucky girls!  The limo driver took half of us at a time as to not overcrowd the limo.

We had a great dinner at El Fenix with all the kids at one table & all the adults at another.  The restaurant was so accommodating & understanding of the chaos that was to ensue!  There were other cheer teams there, so needless to say, this was the only time where stunting in the middle of a restaurant would've been acceptable.  

When it was time to load back into the limo to head back to the hotel, the limo driver let all 40 of us cram in there!  The kids were sitting on each others laps, there was a dance party going on & we all had a blast. (except for the 2 getting anxiety over the closed spaces!  They were troopers though & we all survived!)

Back at the hotel, the girls changed into their TX RockStar jammies & we had a hallway party.
There was stunting, walking on hands, a Wobble dance lesson & the centipede/worm.  I think it's safe to say we were having fun!

On Sunday, we were out of the hotel by 9:15 heading home.  Our POS driver's side wiper was still crapped out!  You can see below that it basically flew off the windshield & got stuck on the side view mirror.  Rain + a broken windshield wiper = a sucky drive home.

This was a good visual of the road on our way home.  It only got worse from here.  We're lucky we didn't die!  We finally pulled off in Conroe for lunch until the weather got better for us to be able to drive home. (As a side note, Toyota fixed the wiper once we were home.  Loose screw.  Must've come that way from the factory.  Un-freaking-believable!)

This has been an amazing first cheer season for us!  We are so proud of our girls, so proud of how well they worked together, how much they've grown together & what good friends they've all become.  Until next season...

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