Native Texan Livin': The House That Built Me

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The House That Built Me

Have you heard that song "The House That Built Me" by Miranda Lambert?  Every time I hear it I think of my childhood home.

I was on my way home from having lunch with Bo on Monday & there was a huge traffic jam on the freeway so I took a different way home.  I was planning on going down a main road a little further down the road but decided to take a small detour on a different main road, past my childhood home, that would still get me where I needed to be.

I drove down that road & started heading "home" just as I'd done for 17 years.  My sisters & I will do that past the house we grew up in.  Is that weird?

The house looks exactly the same & I'm not sure why I'm surprised by that every time I see it.  I guess I expect a new paint color, less stucco or something, but every's the same.

The 1,400 sq/ft house that held all 5 of us, and was plenty

Where Valerie & I shared a room

Where Julie wrote "Lauren loves Leonard" in my closet because she thinks she's hilarious
(I still don't know who Leonard was!)

Sitting in the green velour chair in my mom's room, listening to Al Green 
while she put on her makeup

Where I helped my dad build fences

The blue room

The little lock on the bottom of the back sliding door that was practically impossible to 
twist, turn, pull up & out, all at the same time to unlock it

The wood paneling

The giant oak tree out front

My dad trying to pull a giant tree root out with a harness like a donkey

How just thinking about the words "Juicy Fruit" and "Carefree Gum" 
makes me go back in time...both yellow.

Julie's waterbed

Saloon doors from the kitchen to the dining room

Eventually closing in & sheetrocking that dining room to be Valerie's room 
(& I can still smell the drywall smell that seemed to linger)

The vaulted ceiling

Hanging our heads upside down off the couch & pretending our living room ceiling was a pool

The brown recliner

The green blanket

Isn't it funny the things that stick with you?  Even if I have a dream of being "home" with Bo & the kids, our house is the house I grew up in.

My sisters & I always think it would be so neat to go back & see the inside of the house again but I wonder if we would still feel the same about it.  As a kid everything to seems so big.  Your memories make that place what it is...or was.  You know what you  know & that's it.  You're eyes haven't been opened yet to know there's anything better than what you have.  And the funny thing is, my list above may not even be the same things that my sisters (or parents) would think of when they think of that house.

This was the place we all came home to when we were born, where we brought our friends, our boyfriends, had pinata filled backyard birthday parties, had fights, made up, talked on our swatch phones & made mix tapes from recordings off the radio.

This was the house that built me.

Do you have an old house that you drive by, or is it just us?  Is that creepy?  Just know that if your home used to be someone else's, someone might be driving by just to look...and have one last memory.

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  1. So beautifully said and brought many wonderful memories back to me. So proud to be Mom to you and your Sisters. Love you