Native Texan Livin': Walking Away With Dignity ~ Lessons From a 17 Year Old

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Walking Away With Dignity ~ Lessons From a 17 Year Old

Do you ever just stop & think, "wow, my kid is really amazing?"  

I do.

I may not verbalize it as much as I should, but I definitely think it.  

Last week we had our normal week with our regular goings, school, cheer, ballet, church meetings, etc.  One addition was Becca's cheer clinic for tryouts for next year.  
Her Senior year.  
Of course, this addition to the schedule doesn't really affect me too much since she drives herself, but when something new is happening, the dynamic changes.  
It's a bit more electric with excitement.

For 4 days she prepared for what she'd been doing the past 4 years.  Learn the cheer.  Learn the dance.  Be sharp.  Figure our your jump sequence.  Perfect your jumps.  Perfect your entrance.  Perfect the cheer.  Perfect the dance.  On the 5th day, Tryout.

I ended my week thinking this past weekend was going to be one of celebration.  
And in a way I guess it still was, simply because of the type of person my daughter is.  But after cheering for school since 8th grade, Becca didn't make the team for next year.  
Her Senior year.  

I was heartbroken.

Not for me, but because I figured she was going to be sad.  It's one of those moments as a parent where nothing you could have done would've made the results be any different.  
It was what it was.  
The only option for her as an incoming Senior was Varsity & the scores just weren't there.

Becca took the news like a champ.  She wasn't upset.  At all.  (or at least that she expressed)  She had been on the fence about trying out anyway, but in the end, 
decided to take the plunge.  She's excited to get a job, make some money, be in the stands for the football games & enjoy her Senior year to the fullest.

So now I delete the upcoming cheer to-do's from my calendar.  I give ourselves "a raise" for the cheer money that won't be spent.  
And I thank God for the wonderful gifts that come in the form of a 17 year old girl.
The night she found out she made 8th grade cheer!
8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade


  1. great post, you might've missed your calling!! proud of you........and proud of Becca :)

    1. Thanks! I love writing & am glad I have this outlet! :-)

  2. My heart broke when I received the text saying that Bec didn't make the cheer team for her Senior year. My heart broke for her AND for you because I KNOW just how much time and dedication YOU have also given to the cheer team throughout the years...always being there whether it meant taking her and picking her up from practices, doing booster club activities, working the sales booths and simply BEING THERE to cheer her on...BUT God has a plan for her in this her upcoming Senior year, and I TRUST that it is a GREAT one! I am so proud of my oldest niece and you, my middle sister in the AWESOME job you have done in raising her! I have an awesome example of the mother I hope to be when my two kiddos reach their teen age years! xoxoxo

    1. Thanks, that means a lot. Yeah...we'll all be fine & I'm sure her Senior year will be amazing. :-)