Native Texan Livin': Crawfish Boil 2015

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Crawfish Boil 2015

Friday we had our annual Good Friday crawfish boil.  Bo went to HEB at 8am to get the crawfish but was sadly disappointed when he was told they had sold out at 6am!  Really?  Someone bought ALL the crawfish when you opened the door or you just didn't order enough or get any?  He left & went to Rose's Seafood in Kemah & was able to get the 70lbs we needed!

The kids always have so much fun watching the crawfish swim backwards, pinching each other & filling/emptying/refilling the cooler so they clean themselves out.  It was also neat to see them fairly still until you waved your hand over the cooler & then they'd start going crazy.  Izzy was even a bit braver this year & would grab them on her own.

Time to start cooking!  Maggie--always the helper.  She got that water filled & Bo started the boil.  Potatoes first, then corn, mushrooms & crawfish!

Let them eat bugs!  A crawfish boil is the only time you should ever "slap ya mama!"  Bo sprinkled it onto the top of the crawfish as it came out & needless to say, there was some sweating & mouth watering going on!

The kids had fun swimming & swinging...until Maggie's swing broke & her poor little fingers got sliced from holding the chain while she fell down.  Blood, tears, loose pieces of skin now held on by bandaids, she finally passed out from exhaustion while I was rocking her outside.  She was in my bed by 6:30pm, out for the night.

Once again, I tried a Pinterest idea & I feel I was only semi-successful.  While I knew what these cookies were, some needed an explanation.  If you fall into the latter category, these are supposed to be crawfish, potatoes & corn on the cob.  I tend to get lazy when I make lots of cookies, so I didn't do the antennae on the crawfish or shape the corn cobs very well.  Whatevs...I still thought they were cute. :-)

At the end of the night, I got busy shelling the leftover tails to use the meat in a different recipe.  Can you believe this was the amount of meat that came out of these shells?!

Is after midnight an appropriate time for a Good Friday crawfish boil to end?  Good, 'cuz that's what we did!  :-)  We had an amazing night with family & friends and can't wait to do it all again next year!

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