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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DIY Monthly Calendar for Kids

Maggie's going to be starting Kindergarten next year & I wanted to start working with her more on her number least for numbers 1-31. :-)  We decided a calendar would be the best daily activity for her to work with.

I gathered my supplies & got to work!

-- white foam board
-- #'s 1 - 31 printed using a font that wasn't too crazy (so she'd be able to recognize them)
-- Month names printed
-- Days of week printed
-- washi tape
-- 1.5" circle cutter
-- velcro or removable mounting squares
-- plastic hangers for wall

Washi tape's been popular for quite a while now & I kept seeing/reading about everyone's love for it, but I had never worked with it.  Gotta say...I'm a fan!  I found a set on clearance at Target a while back & decided to use it for this project.

I cut out the numbers w/ a 1.5" circle cutter.  I cut each row of numbers leaving a little space under each number so it would fit centered into the cutter.  Turn the circle cutter upside down, remove the "catch tray" & place the numbers in facing the bottom.  This way, you can see if the numbers are centered & then you can cut the number out.

I ended up using Removable Clear Mounting Squares to hold each number because I couldn't find my velcro.  In testing out the removability....removableness (are these words?) of the numbers, I found I'll probably have to replace these squares with velcro.  While they hold really well & peel off with minimal effort, the mounting square come off the calendar with the number, so it'll be hard to store the unused numbers once a new month starts.

Here's Maggie with her finished calendar.  She's so proud to count from the beginning of the calendar everyday until she gets to the number she needs to add for the new day.  She'll be ready for Kindergarten in no time flat! :-)

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